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1. Peanut Butter Toast by Allie Miszewski and DM Eason

2. The Fight for Magicallus by Barbara Venkataraman

3. Aunt Martha's Bun by Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas

4. If I Were A Robot (A fun picture book for children 3-6!) by Scott Gordon

5. Squat The Robot? by Pat Hatt and Richie Williams

6. The Straight Rainbow - Children's Picture Book by Niki Alling

7. Little Ant's Musical Adventure by Jennifer Ranger and Sharon Howard

8. Tarsier Man: Scheme For A Theme by Pat Hatt and peipei

9. Tarsier Man: Foe Over A Toe by Pat Hatt and peipei

10. Unforgotten by E. M. Vail

11. Mi Granja (Spanish Edition) by Jennifer Ranger

12. Adam Meets Ellie (Adam the Little Airplane) by Craig Thompson and Kathleen Thompson

13. How to Start Your Own Lemonade Business (How-to for Kids) by D J Parry

14. Is it mine? (Imagine That- children book series) by Orli G. Hick and Teodora Velica

15. The Talking Totem Pole Stories 1 by Rafaela Perales

16. THE SKIN FACED THIEF by Spike Brown

17. Clash With The Lash by Pat Hatt and Richie Williams

18. A Maze of Monster Mix-Ups by M. A. Golla

19. The Divine Shrine by Pat Hatt and Carlos Deltizzle

20. Hilfe! Würmer! - PC-Abenteuer (German Edition) by Antje Hansen-Käding and Sabine Weigel

21. Jake Harelson and the War for Hope by Gal Rochwerger

22. The Rose's Garden and the Sea by Jackie McCarthy

23. Children's Book: In the Wonderland of All Sorts (A rhyming and illustrated book for ages 4-8) by Galia Koplis, Meir Hazan, Tatiyana Dubinskaya and Andi Moradyan

24. Riding a Dead Horse by Bonnie Lewis

25. Tune at High Noon by Pat Hatt and JJ

26. Curious Creatures by Evangeline Auld and John Clarke

27. In His Honor (The Sequel to Saving Bobby) by Crystal Cattabriga

28. Why Cats Chase Rats - A Nigerian Folk Tale (African FolkTales #1) (African Folk Tales) by Zahabu Ahonja, Booka Booka Publishing and Francis Albert Abella

29. How to Lose a Tooth by EC Stilson

30. Rocket Boy Adventure Series Book Set Three by Joy Findlay
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Comments (2)

WideAnglePhoto (L5)
May 27, 2013
Hooray, another list! As always, looking forward to going through this one! Thanks for the work you do compiling these! :)
Nellysg (L5)
May 27, 2013
Great list of children's books... looking forward to reading time!

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