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1. 25 Tasty Slow Cooker Recipes: Soup, Chicken, Beef, Pasta and Pork Slow Cooker Cookbook (Slow Cooker Recipes Cookbooks... by Ginny James

2. Ladybug on a Daisy Cake: Complete Step by Step Instructions and Photos for the Beginner Cake Decorator by Kathryn Dollsen

3. Cook With Ed: 25 Scrumptious Cookie Recipes by Ed Cassidy

4. Vegetarian Recipes for Meat Eaters: Flexitarian Diet Recipes for People Who Can't Give Up Meat, Volume One by Ericka Smits

5. Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes For One by Danielle Garner

6. Red Wine and the French Paradox by Dr. Kaniappan Padmanaban

7. The Bible of Homemade Italian Liqueurs ...and the finest pastries to serve with them by Carlotta Melzi d'Este

8. Eating Clean Diet by Paula Lindstam

9. Vegan Snacks & Appetizers by Richard West

10. Crockpot Recipes by Janet Daley

11. Gluten Free - Easy 30 Day Trial by Dana Sorrell, Devin Sorrell and Delaney Sorrell

12. Cooking with the Jersey Girls: Soups, Salads & Sandwiches by Meg Taylor, Dorothy Fern, Dee Stewart and Lori Dennison

13. 51 Fat Burning Protein Shake Recipes: Lose Weight Naturally and Effortlessly Without Any Side Effects With These... by Sarah Patterson

14. Sinfully Delicious (And Palate-Tingling Tasty) Desserts! Recipes Included! by Mabel Roark

15. Vegan Sandwich Cookbook by Richard West

16. The Gourmet Rotation Diet For Allergy Sufferers by Joyce Weaver and Dr Honor Anthony

17. The Allure Of Chocolate by Sheri Ann Richerson

18. Southern Girls Can Cook: 12 Summer Salads by Sicily Yoder and Kristina Farmer

19. Healthy 5:2 diet smoothie recipes: low calorie smoothies to keep you full during your fasting days by Emmy wili

20. Mofongo de Yuca Paso a Paso (Spanish Edition) by Iris Cruz

21. The Paleo Aficionado Seafood Recipe Cookbook (The Paleo Diet Meal Recipe Cookbooks) by Amanda Matthews

22. 21 Quick and Tasty Low Carb Breakfasts for Busy Women (Low Carb Recipes for Busy Women) by Melissa David

23. Gluten Free Recipes Vol 2: The Ultimate Collection - Over 100 Recipes by Jonathan Doue M.D.

24. Mofongo de Pana Paso a Paso (Spanish Edition) by Iris Cruz

25. The best of Dominican Desserts (The best of Dominican Desserts: 10 traditional desserts from Quisqueya) by Arturo Féliz-Camilo and Zobeira Gil-Ramos

26. Los mejores postres dominicanos: 10 postres típicos de Quisqueya (Postres tradicionales dominicanos) (Spanish... by Arturo Féliz-Camilo and Zobeira Gil-Ramos

27. Incredible Paleo Breakfast Recipes: Easy and Delicious Breakfast Paleo Recipes by Paleo Breakfast Recipes

28. Top 50 Most Delicious Party Snacks & Appetizer Recipes (Recipe Top 50's) by Julie Hatfield

29. The Six Sided Box: Coffee Creations by AJ Richards, Debbie Baroch, Ashleigh Richards and D.J. Crowe

30. An Herbal Meal For The One You Love by Sheri Ann Richerson

31. Slow cooker chicken recipes for busy mums by Amaury mily

32. Slow cooker 5:2 diet recipes: Tasty dishes with less than 300 calories by ken semina

33. Quinoa Recipes - 170 Delicious Recipes (Simply Quinoa) by Marriah Tobar

34. Chilled Out Fruit Smoothie Recipes: Easy Smoothies for One or Two Servings by Pauline Harding

35. The Daily Meal's Summer Grilling Cookbook by Editors of The Daily Meal
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