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1. Millicent Marie Is Not My Name by Karen Pokras Toz

2. The Lucky Little Labrador -- 15 Full-Color Puppy Pictures!! Great for Kids Ages 6-9! (Little Readers #3) by C.J. Smiles

3. Incredible Animal Moms: Fun Animal Books For Kids With Facts & Incredible Photos (Exploring Our Incredible World... by Mark Smith

4. Dog Breeds Quiz #2 - Advanced - Interactive Game Book (Dog Breeds for Kids) by Irina Arnelle

5. BEA'S OWN GOOD Following Rules Children's Picture Book (Fully Illustrated Version) by Linda Talley and Andra Chase

6. Children's Book: Bart Golden Heart and the Heroes (Happy Kids Book Collection) by Yariv Lotan, Noa Porath and Malgorzata Godziuk

7. Dancing Daisy Goes To The Dentist: A Fun Rhyming Ballet Bedtime Book (Dancing Daisy Bear) by Deborah Bradley

8. The Schmoopie by A.J. Cosmo

9. The Day Granny Shot The Realtor As Told By Granddad by Perry Sexton

10. Spot Penny the Penguin & Company: Kids! (A Hidden Picture Book) by Christie Collins

11. Tasmanian Devils! Learn About Tasmanian Devils and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Tasmanian... by Becky Wolff

12. Excavators Working In Construction: Awesome Excavators Photos Pushing Dirt Around! (Over 30 Photos of Excavators... by Kevin Kalmer

13. Caterpillars! Learn About Caterpillars and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Caterpillars... by Becky Wolff

14. Condors! Learn About Condors and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Condors) by Becky Wolff

15. The Voices Upstairs by L. E. Falcone

16. Rocket Boy Finds other Astro Objects (Rocket Boy Adventure Series) by Joy Findlay

17. Children's Book: Bart Golden Heart and the Secret Chant (Happy Kids Book Collection) by Jay Lo, Noa Porath and Malgorzata Godziuk

18. Gracie's Grandfather Makes Trouble by Nancy Mauerman

19. Maddy's Guide to Life: The Mega Edition (Stories 1-30) by Kristina Andersen

20. The Haunted House on Wheels by Dennis Yates and Pamela Yates

21. Logzs And A Secret Meeting by Mark Srdanovic

22. Robbie Knightley (Hat City Middle School Series) by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

23. SandBox Triplets: On the Farm, Fruits & Veggies, and Outside (First Starts) by SandBox Ink

24. Alpacas! Learn About Alpacas and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Alpacas) by Becky Wolff

25. Oxen! Learn About Oxen and Enjoy Colorful Pictures - Look and Learn! (50+ Photos of Oxen) by Becky Wolff

26. Flowers: Photos to enjoy (a children's picture book) by Fran West

27. Frances the Fairy and the Unicorn of Mazoo by Janine Everall, Benjamin Andersen and Beatrice Everall

28. The Mitten (Folk Tales) by Emilia V.

29. An Okapi's Ode To Track And Field by R.E. Skibiski

30. A Gift For Mommy by Robin Dawn

31. En tu dia Madrecita (Spanish Edition) by Crisanto Fernández Mejía

32. The Real Story (How I came to the Kingdom of High Hell): by Sir Nicholas Cristella

33. The Seeing Stone (The Firestorm Chronicles) by Karlajean Becvar

34. Happy Mother's Day! (Perfect For 4-7 Year Olds) by Roy Popson

35. Bulldozer 2 Pack: Bulldozers Working In Construction & Big Bulldozers (80+ Photos of Awesome Bulldozers) by Kevin Kalmer

36. Un día de un cuervo (Spanish Edition) by Scott H. Lewis, Ivanna Olijnyk and Paola Canovas

37. Mama wa sekai-ichi chichi-no-hi (Japanese Edition) by Sujaata Rarugudi

38. Kids Books: Jokes for Kids - The Most Hilarious Kid-Tested (and Kid-Approved) Jokes for Children (Childrens Reading... by Henry Baker and Kids Read Along Books - Fun Facts

39. Nifty Fifty State Facts for Fun! Book 2 by Wyatt Michaels

40. The Fox And The Crane - kids story book for age 4 to 8 (Folk Tales) by Emilia V.

41. Larmes de Sang : Aimer T1 (Larmes de Sang - Aimer) (French Edition) by S.G. HORIZONS

42. Folk Tales - Children's Picture Book for age 4 to 8 - Kids Stories by Emilia V.

43. Spy Fairies and the Zoo Mayhem (Early Chapter Book for Independent Readers) by JK Elemm

44. The Crafty Hedgehog - kids story book for age 4 to 8 - children's picture book (Folk Tales) by Emilia V.


46. Quack Like A Duck: Which Animals Make Which Sounds? (For 3-6 Year Olds) by Roy Popson0

47. Farm Rhyme Time Silliness & Count to 10 (Rhyming story book for kids about farm animals) by Jill Harmony

48. Childrens eBook - Colin And The Cheeky Pigs by Barry J McDonald

49. Der Wahrheit auf der Spur (Tobi Thoy Das Detektiv Team) (German Edition) by Tobi Thoy

50. Runaway Princesses (Special edition with extra pictures) by Eileen Marie Seltenrych
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Nellysg (L5)
May 08, 2013
Great compiled list of childrens books... Snagged a few!

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