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1. Attack Your Day!: Before It
Attacks You
by Mark Woods and Trapper Woods

2. Winners Never Cheat: Even in Difficult Times, New and
Expanded Edition
by Jon M. Huntsman and Glenn Beck

3. $ell More eBook$ - How to increase sales and Amazon
rankings using Kindle Direct Publishing
by Lucinda Sue Crosby and Laura

4. Broken Markets: How High Frequency Trading and Predatory
Practices on Wall Street are Destroying Investor Confidence...
by Sal L. Arnuk and Joseph C. Saluzzi

5. The Option Trader's Hedge Fund: A Business Framework for
Trading Equity and Index Options
by Dennis A. Chen, Mark Sebastian and
Stephanie Link

6. Business Around A Lifestyle Volume
1 (First Step: How To Dream Your Perfect Lifestyle, Then Go Get It!)
by Jim
Kukral and Carrie Wilkerson

7. Starting a Collection Agency, how to make money collecting
money (The Collecting Money Series)
by Michelle Dunn

8. How to Play the Game at the Top: The 9 Rules for Consummate
Corporate Effectiveness
by Fenorris Pearson and
Marshall Goldsmith

9. The #1 Way to Increase Your Close Rate: Define What You
Stand Against (The 7 Steps to a Successful Business in...
by Michael R. Drew

10. Why do we sell low and buy high?:
The guide you must read BEFORE you invest
by Amir Avitzur

11. Leading And Managing With
Emotional Intelligence
by BJ Knights

12. Tech and the City: The Making of New York's Startup
by Alessandro Piol, Maria Teresa Cometto and Fred Wilson

13. Getting 10%: Great Returns of 1%, 5%, 10% and More on Your
by Peter Sorrells

14. 101 Ways To Start A Business For
Less Than $1,000: How To Start A Business Without Breaking The Bank
by Tom Corson-Knowles

15. Being Productive: Learning How to Get More Done With Less
by Chris Crouch

16. The Klout Advantage (The Social
Media Advantage)
by Keller Anne Smith

17. What Went Wrong with Economics: The flawed assumptions that
led economists astray
by Michael Reiss

18. Wealth Without Wall Street: A Main
Street Guide to Making Money (McNay On the Money)

by Don McNay and Rena Baer

19. Get Rich On The Internet: The
Simple Way To Make Money Online
by Mark Quadmire

20. Collection Agency Marketing (The Collecting Money Series)
by Amie Burke, Michelle Dunn, Laura Lowenstein Esq. and Christina Nitschmann

21. Bravado! Conquering the Fears of Changing Jobs by Greg

22. Empower Network - Why People Fail...How You Can Succeed
by Gayle Monroe

23. Passive income made easy: How to earn $5,000 every month
(no investment required)
by Mark Quadmire

24. Business Around A Lifestyle Volume
2 (How To Create An Amazing Online Business & Profit From It)
by Jim Kukral

25. Starting a Collection Agency FAQs (The Collecting Money
by Michelle Dunn

26. The Ultimate Guide to Making Money Writing Online by
Jenny Kellett

27. Advanced Collection Techniques for experienced Collectors
(The Collecting Money Series)
by Michelle Dunn

28. Critical Thinking Strategies for Success (Collection)
by Linda Elder, Stewart Emery, Robert E. Gunther and Russ Hall

29. Marketing Plan for Medical Collection Agencies (The
Collecting Money Series)
by Michelle Dunn

30. How To Start A Residential Home
Care Business For Seniors
by Robert Burns

31. Humorous and Funny Inspirational Quotes about Life (Must
Read Essential Inspirational Quotes)
by John Lennon

32. The YouTube Advantage (The Social Media Advantage) by
Luke Lethco

33. Extra Lettuce: Manage Your 401K Now to Avoid Flipping
Burgers Later
by George L. Morgan

34. Fifty Nifty Ways to Save Money by Karen Connell

35. Introduction to Investing in Startups - Creating your own
custom system for saying yes or no to offers to invest...
by Karl Dakin

36. Starting a Business - The Marketing Plan by Michelle

37. The Tao of Rice and Tigers: Taoist Leadership in the 21st
Century (Boys Named Tzu)
by Michael Austin

38. Use Your IRA to Buy Property in Mexico (Wise Investments)
by Thomas Phelan, George Puckett and Argentina Puckett

39. The Google AdWords and AdSense
Advantage (The Social Media Advantage)
by Ryan Gunther

40. The Blog Monetization Advantage (The Social Media
by Austin Nappier

41. Jeff Augen's Options Trading
Strategies (Collection)
by Jeff Augen

42. How to Overcome Shyness at Work - Secrets to Being
Appreciated, More Successful and Happier at Work
by Peter W. Murphy

43. What is MonaVie? What is Acai
Berry? Miracle or Sham? A Business Analysis and MonaVie
by Kevin Lindsey

44. Best Selling Books | Become a best
seller & make more money with your ebooks - Make
A Killing Online: Quick Tip...
by Justin Kofoid

45. The 12 Parts of Every Successful and Profitable
Internet-Based Business
by Mark Hendricks

46. Google + For Business: Why Does My Business Need Google +?
by Mike Stewart

47. Your Church In The News: How to
get your church in the media spotlight, for all the right reasons
by Robbie

48. The Ultimate Money Making Marketing Mix by Success
Sculpting Coach and Success Sculpting Inc

49. How To Generate Leads by
Christian Blake

50. Enhancing Communication for Business Leaders Part 5 -
Motivating Others
by Fiona Campbell

51. How To Start A Successful
Office-Cleaning Business
by Wesley Green

52. Surveys That Pay:100 FREE Online
Paid Survey Companies
by Holla Hakin

53. Marketing Success System Special Report by Michelle

54. Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and
Tricks for Online Business Success (Vol 16)
Mark Hendricks

55. Sales and Marketing Coaching: Learning and Earning with
Empower Network
by Christine F. Abela

56. One Minute Teambuilding by Justin Sachs

57. Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and
Tricks for Online Business Success (Vol 9)
Mark Hendricks

58. soyez
sûr de vous en toutes circonstances - Methodes pratique pour vous débarrasser de toute TIMIDITE et développer...

by breda pope

59. Reverse Recruitment - From Isolation to Publication by
Discovering the Power of the Unemployed - BIFF-Books 0005...
by Michelle Crowther

60. Make Money Right Now (Self-Reliance Series) by Michelle
Kennedy Hogan

61. How To Become An Internet
Marketing Consultant
by Success Sculpting Coach and Success Sculpting Inc

62. Growing Businesses and Empowering People by Nathan R.

63. Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and
Tricks for Online Business Success (Vol 5)
Mark Hendricks

64. Turn That Frown Upside Down: Discover Meaning &
Fulfillment in the Workplace
by Nathan R. Mitchell and Jim Whitt

65. Enterprise: The Barnes Papers 1836-1845 by Lesley

66. Todays Engineer and MBA to
Tomorrows Future Leader
by Leena Panigrahi and Satya Brahmachari

67. Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing: Strategies, Tips and
Tricks for Online Business Success (Vol 8)
Mark Hendricks

68. ENTREPRENEURSHIP by Surendra Sahu

69. Make A Killing Online: Quick Tip #1 | An
easy way to make A TON of extra money with your eboks
(even during the...
by Justin Kofoid

70. Trading Essentials - Mastering the Basics by Gary

71. A Young Man in Business by Marc Charles and David

72. Secret Sales Techniques That Work! by
The Success Sculpting Coach and Success Sculping Inc

73. How To Get Out of Debt, Raise Your
Credit Score and Get Rich: Three Life-Changing Personal Finance Books In One...

by Tom Corson-Knowles

74. Prevenzione delle Crisi di Impresa (Gestione e Soluzioni delle Crisi Aziendali) (Italian
by Simone Brancozzi

75. Kindle HOTSHOT - How to promote your kindle book and reach
the TOP 100 Books in your category
by Nino P and Hotshot Entrepreneur

76. Secrets From A Banker:Real
Life Banker Exposes Secrets To Saving Money On Mortgages, Credit Cards, Getting
by Chris Karlas

77. Mobile Marketing And Advertising
Trends: Your Complete Marketing Guide For Local And National Mobile
by Cary

78. Pay for Less by Going Paperless: Increasing Profits and
Efficiency for Your Small Business
by David Swopes

79. Effective Office Time Management - Top 10 Time Management
Productivity Tips and Time Management Tools
by Kristine Dior

80. How To Promote Your Book Online
& Offline Vol 3 (Advice & How To)
by Dr.
Leland Benton

81. hituyounatokini
hituyounadake seizou JIT (monodukuri IT Keiei no kiso) (Japanese Edition)
by Keiju

82. Understanding Identity Theft: Learn how to protect yourself
and your business (The Collecting Money Series)
by Michelle Dunn

83. Effective Office Time Management - Top 10 Time Management
Tips and Time Management Tools (Illustrated)
by Kristine Dior

84. Why Confucius Matters (Boys Named Tzu) by Michael

85. THE CYCLE CODE | long-term stock option wealth through
short term S&P cycles
by Julian Sebastian

86. Moral Based Marketing: Define your moral code, apply the 5
ethical marketing tips, and save the world!
Stuart Ralph

87. Membership Fortunes by Jeff Grant and Donn Greathouse

88. How two scam artists conned the world by Michael

89. Survive and Thrive After the Energy Dies (Survive and
Thrive After the Collapse of the Dollar)
by C. Jeff Oakes

90. Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (The
Collecting Money Series)
by Michelle Dunn
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hutuka (L1)
Apr 09, 2013
I guess they do this for promotion but don't want to give it too many away! Oh well
branie (L5)
Apr 09, 2013
Cool beans, thanks. I enjoy my free books and thought this was round up was gone for good. I guess not? You can post but will never hit front page and could at anytime be buried is that what the email means?
rd995 (L5)
Apr 09, 2013
i though we are not supposed to post free books
ragingwookiee (L5)
Apr 09, 2013
@rd995 We can still post them:

Thanks everyone for your contributions to www.dealsplus.com! Just to let you all know, we are no longer allowed to have Free Kindle eBooks on our Front Page, Twitter, or any other important placements as requested directly by Amazon.com. As a result, we may bury some deals and/or roundups regarding these Free Kindle offers as we see fit, per their requests. Thank you for your cooperation.
rd995 (L5)
Apr 09, 2013
@ragingwookiee sorry man i should had read the whole post just read the title on the ask and share
ragingwookiee (L5)
Apr 09, 2013
@rd995 Not a problem - I had to read it twice as well.

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