Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit (Twitter Account Required)

1. Connect your and Twitter accounts. (If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so). A window will pop up when you connect your and Twitter accounts for the first time. The window will provide some information about the permissions you're giving Although these permissions allow us to post tweets for you, we will only post the following message once automatically after you click the button below: "I just got a $2 credit for music from @amazonmp3 and @imdb. Get your credit here:"

2. Automatically follow @amazonmp3 and @imdb.

3. A $2 credit towards purchases at Amazon MP3 will be automatically added to your Amazon account.

4. After completing these steps successfully, browse for music at Amazon MP3, and click the "Buy MP3 album" or "Buy MP3" button.

5. If at any time you would like to disconnect your and Twitter accounts, you can do so from the Applications tab of your settings page on Twitter.
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What's the matter?
mnvikings11 Jul 24, 2012
I used my credit to get the Prince: Ultimate MP3 album, thanks for posting.
nimase85 Jul 23, 2012
I love free credits too bad my account was hacked this weekend and its still "under investigation" so I can't use my account yet :(
zarrow Jul 23, 2012
What account? Amazon or Twitter?
nimase85 Jul 23, 2012
Amazon... If it was twitter I would just use another one :)
wdjdac Jul 23, 2012
I was able to get two free mp3 thanks for sharing really appreciate it.
pravallika Jul 23, 2012
Thanks for credit
tpark6283 Jul 23, 2012
We have successfully applied a $2 credit to your account, good for music at Amazon MP3. :) Thanks!
mikuaraman Jul 23, 2012
You can't beat free!
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incubusattack Jul 23, 2012
Remember that:
• This credit can only be used towards MP3 purchases and will expire at 11:59 p.m. Pacific on July 27, 2012.
So make sure to use it before then!
blackfoot Jul 23, 2012
Another $2 credit, Very nice! Love these deals.
nimrodboy3 Jul 23, 2012
Balance finder: here

Click on Enter your code and a pop-up with your balance will appear assuming you're already signed in
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arsiel Jul 23, 2012
Oooh, thanks! I thought that was just an example box but it does seem to match
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nimrodboy3 Jul 23, 2012
my pleasure =)
YesBoss Jul 23, 2012
$2 more free credit in my account, thanks for sharing the post.
arsiel Jul 23, 2012
I got $2 for buying tickets for The Dark Knight Rises through Fandango too! Neat. Can anyone link me to the page that tells you what your MP3 balance is?
nimrodboy3 Jul 23, 2012

just click on Enter your code and you'll see a pop-up with your balance..assuming you're already signed in.
gdcoup Jul 23, 2012
Wonderful! Should get a me a song or two!
wannabecool Jul 23, 2012
I love these coupons. but they have given away so many I am actually having to think about I want next...
maven3 Jul 23, 2012
Nice. I'm actually amassing a decent collection of music from Amazon with all the free codes. I love how easy it is to download afterwards as non-DRM'd .mp3s.
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poe601 Jul 23, 2012
Awesome $2 credit, thanks for the post!
branie Jul 23, 2012
Super, another $2. Thanks and I will pass this along to all the Twitter people I know.
rd995 Jul 23, 2012
more free codes thanks for sharing
nimrodboy3 Jul 23, 2012
it's nice to get these $2 credits from Amazon..i don't have a twitter account, so i guess i'm out on this one, but i still appreciate the find. thanks.
Dexterous Jul 23, 2012
Go and open one, its easy and has lot of benefit. Keep tweeting.
nimrodboy3 Jul 23, 2012
no thanks. i'm not big on twitter. it's great for many..but not for me =). it takes a me a loongggg time to register for took me a long while to register for this site =P
arsiel Jul 23, 2012
Just register for one, nimrodbboy3! You don't have to use it for anything but deals (:
nimrodboy3 Jul 23, 2012
good point..but i'll still pass for now, at least. i don't's weird. i don't like registering for new things..even if i think it'll be good..i think i just don't like having to register for sites unless i think i'm really going to use it or something..back in the didn't really have to register to make use of the stuff..but nowadays it's all about the social aspect...maybe i'm not that social :|
johng333 Jul 24, 2012
I registered a "Fake" twitter account. Nothing is public, used a fake name. Its not registered in that it is in no way connected to me and serves no purpose other than for deals.

I have an e-mail just for spam, a facebook page that is fake /private/ unconnected. Those accounts aren't seen by my friends, family, or even me. They meet the base requirements to get deals.

Register a yahoo e-mail just for spam (, then create a facebook page using that e-mail (myfakefacebook), then use them to create a twitter account (myfaketwitter). Make them all private, don't follow anyone, don't allow followers, don't link them to anything else.
Dexterous Jul 24, 2012
johng333....are you the real man or fake? lol JK
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