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Apple offers Kayak Pro- free app of the week!

Features include-
- Compare flight, hotel and car rental deals
- Book your hotel, right in the app. Just choose KAYAK as your booking option
- Track your flight status
- View and manage your trip itinerary
- Look up baggage fees
- Access airline numbers and airport info
- NEW feature exclusive to Pro version: Airport terminal maps for over 100 airports: abq, aus, bru, cvg, ewr, hkt, kix, man, mlb, okc, phx, roc, slc, tpe, yvr, akl, ayt, buf, dab, far, hnl, las, mci, msp, oma, pia, rsw, smf, txl, ywg, alb, bcn, bur, dal, fco, hou, lax, mco, msy, ont, pie, san, sna, vie, yyc, ama, bdl, bwi, day, fll, hsv, lga, mdw, mtj, ord, pit, sat, stl, waw, yyz, ams, bkk, cdg, dca, fra, iad, lgw, mel, muc, orf, pmi, sdf, stn, yeg, zrh, anc, bna, cle, den, grb, iah, lhr, mem, mxp, ory, prg, sea, str, yhz, arn, bne, clt, dfw, grr, ind, lin, mex, nrt, pdx, pvd, sfo, svo, yow, ath, bom, cmh, dtw, gso, jax, lys, mia, oak, pek, rdu, sjc, syd, yqb, atl, bos, cph, dub, hkg, jfk, mad, mke, ogg, phl, ric, sju, tpa, yul
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tr1plication (Mod)
Oct 02, 2013
Back again 10/2/13
TheJammer (L4)
Aug 14, 2012
This app is well worth it- especially if you travel a lot, or even are tracking others' flights for dropping them off/ picking them up from the airport.
It is a very clean, easy-to-use user interface. I have found flights I am tracking to be very accurate and always up to date. It even shows you a map of where the plane is in the air!

After signing up- I can simply forward my itinerary to, and it will extract all relevant information and put it in an easy-to-see view on the phone- so you dont have to pull out your entire itinerary at the airport.

There's also a convenient travel checklist so you don't forget anything.

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