Auto-Flow: Easy DIY Water Sprinkler System [Kindle Edition]

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The Auto-flow system is a simple DIY automated water sprinkler system .It is designed to automatically water plants in a garden in the common household. The development involves designing an automated control valve that is directly connected to the water supply (in this case the common household faucet or tap).The control system will have a 555 timer electronic circuitry attached to water inlets pipes to perform the timing control. The system design is designed to water the plants at designated intervals thus allowing the occupants of the household to maintain their garden even when not at home. This domestic product features a timing circuitry connected to a valve that allows the flow of water from a faucet to water the plants through a tube. The automated water sprinkler system in this project was termed “Auto-Flow” as its name represents that the system is fully automated to allow the to water plants in his or her garden at the users discretion
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