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All you need for this neat simple freebie is an e-mail address and a home address! :) Of course, they have the option of getting the downloadable versions of their catalogs. (I simply prefer to have them in person!)

Just go to the site and select which catalog you want (or go through each one and sign up for them all!) You will have to join their mailing list. (Either use your current e-mail or an old unused one. Either way they don't send out tons of e-mails.) You will get their catalogs sent to you whenever there is a new one made. After a while you may stop receiving them. If so, just go back online and sign up again!

Not only are these catalogs great for getting beautiful, rare, vintage, Victorian, romantic, etc. types of items, but they are also great for crafters! LOL
You may be wondering what I mean. Well, for example, what I like to do with Victorian Trading Co. Catalogs (besides buy things from them) is I like to cut out the neat different images and art and use them to make home-made cards for family and friends for different occasions. I like to cut out figurines and women's bodies from the art and then paste my head onto the body! Add a funny saying and they become these vintage and funny cards! Everyone loves them! I figure, why not waste the paper since I ordered the catalog! I also like to take the cover of the catalogs and frame them. They always come with beautiful art. But those are just some of the extra things you can use these free catalogs for (and other catalogs you get as well!). So I thought I would share that little bit with you guys!

Simply put though, these catalogs are filled with wonderful items and I love to sit down on a cozy chair with my old grandma's quilt and a cup of hot chocolate and slowly look through them. Don't ask why, it's just comforting, simple, and fun! :)
Let me know what you all think of the catalogs and the great items they sell!
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dealwagger (L5)
Jun 13, 2012
Oh wow, these are beautiful catalogs :)

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