Bumper Sticker With Your Favorite Word on It


About this Deal

The Favorite Words Project collects people's favorite words and publishes them as a living installation on t-shirts and bumper stickers, as well as in book form upon project completion. It's intentions are to celebrate language through favorite words, to begin a dialogue about the role of words in our lives and to bring these words together to hear the whole community speak.

The words are rolling in! cinnamon, cleft, crescendo, sycamore, boondoggle, voracious, kaboom, onomonopoeic, grapefruit, espionage, moist, undulation, facetious, tempestuous, segue, parallelogram...

To submit your word and become part of the installation, simply email them your favorite word and give them your mailing address. They will send you:

* A certificate of authorship, which recognizes you as the person who submitted that particular word

* A bumper sticker with your word on it

This offer is only valid for residents of:

United States
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