BURGER KING - Free Fries + Green Ketchup (No purchase required)

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  • Valid 3/17-3/18
  • No purchase required
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    What's the matter?
    MrBklynW Mar 18, 2012
    awesome. Thanks for posting wookiee!
    aznballa161 Mar 17, 2012
    I don't think the green ketchup will work but the free fries will
    gangstabarbie Mar 17, 2012
    I got 4 free small fries today! Drove to another location and got 2 more. Happy saint pattys day!!
    blackfoot Mar 17, 2012
    lol. cute. Free fries is good and the green ketchup is interesting.
    Dexterous Mar 17, 2012
    Green , hot and spicy. Great.
    abu5692 Mar 17, 2012
    Thanks, how about blue ketchup in future!
    munkin2u Mar 17, 2012
    Thanks for the reminder!
    heyimdennise Mar 12, 2012
    Yay! Free fries! Green ketchup? I'll give it try.. Thanks!
    SavingUp Mar 05, 2012
    BK broiled burgers are so good. plus free stuff, got to make a stop for lunch.
    sweetangelxxo Mar 05, 2012
    Green ketchup??...Kids will love this idea!!
    ilene285 Mar 05, 2012
    Great freebie from BK.
    solowkoe Mar 05, 2012
    sure are a lot of comments about the green, lol. good find, i can never hate on some yummy free-ness. BK got some good grub too. I really do enjoy this site.
    jasoned Mar 05, 2012
    Green is my favorite color, and free is my favorite kind of fries! Thanks for the deal!
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    catchersmom Mar 05, 2012
    I could also live with out Green anything
    munkin2u Mar 05, 2012
    Bringing back the colored condiments, eh? Not sure how well it will turn out, but it's only for a promotion. I do love BK, though - thanks!!
    dvinegrace83 Mar 04, 2012
    i take it the green is just from food coloring, right? not like, green tomatoes or anything? haha
    psplove Mar 04, 2012
    No coupon needed?
    themoneyman1113 Mar 04, 2012
    Thanks very much. I will certainly stop by and pick up my free fry and green ketchup.
    Christine Mar 04, 2012
    ooh nicee!! hahha green ketchup...that's fun =p
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    tpark6283 Mar 04, 2012
    Thanks for posting! Free food is always great! I will definitely be passing along, and probably be stopping on the way home from a wedding that night!
    branie Mar 04, 2012
    Nice freebie! Green ketchup for St. Patrick's Day is an interesting idea. I will see if my local BK is participating. Thanks!!
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    branie Mar 17, 2012
    They are and I will be stopping by!!!St. Patrick's Day!!!
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    newjerseychickxo Mar 04, 2012
    Thanks for the freebie,will be marking this one down.
    poe601 Mar 04, 2012
    Great find, Free Fries is great but, I will pass on the green ketchup. Saving the date!
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    pravallika Mar 04, 2012
    hi where is that offer I checked facebook for that offer i didnt get that
    aznballa161 Mar 04, 2012
    The green ketchup is not going to attract anyone. Bad marketing
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    arsiel Mar 04, 2012
    Free fries sounds nice. Green ketchup...not so much. I remember when Heinz tried to come out with the purple/green ketchup. That didn't last too long.
    ragingwookiee Mar 04, 2012
    This could be YMMV but they have done this in the past and I noticed a promo at my local BK.
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    FibroMom Mar 04, 2012
    I'll Eat the Fries - but Save the Green Ketchup for my Green Eggs and Ham. ;) Thanks for the Find - FREE is a GOOD THING! :)
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    dealwagger Mar 04, 2012
    Green ketchup! Woah!