$300 Cashback with New Chase Freedom Credit Card Approval After Spending $500 in 3 Months

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Notable benefits:
  • $300 Cashback with New Chase Freedom Credit Card Approval After Spending $500 in 3 Months
  • ZERO annual fee
  • Spending $500 in the first three months will earn you 30,000 bonus points which you can redeem for the $300 check
  • 5% cash back on select purchases
  • Up to an additional 10% cash back when you shop online via select merchants through Chase
  • Once you have a Chase Freedom card, you can sign up for an Ultimate Rewards account and save 10% to 20% off select gift cards. Choose from merchants such as Macy's, AMC Theaters, Bath & Body Works, Gap, Kohl's, and more.
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What's the matter?
stonekoldk Feb 02, 2012
Can I just get the $300 without getting the card? That would be awesome.
bigwinw Jan 30, 2012
I did the $300 back in December and just got my cash back. I have $385 in cash back right now!!
Simer2010 Jan 30, 2012
I did this back in Nov, however, I signed up on an application that only offered $200. I did some snooping and then sent them a couple of URL's with this $300 offer and they glady matched it, in fact I received my check a few weeks ago along with a little extra because of the 5% rewards! Love it! Chase is awesome, also took advantage of the $150 bonus for opening a checking accout with them! Almost $500 in free money from Chase, what's not to love?!
zoelee Jan 30, 2012
Great! Wish my card arrive as soon as possible thus I can start getting cash backs!
fluffy Jan 30, 2012
You opened a Chase checking account?!? Don't they fee you to death? Chase credit cards are great, but from what I've seen, their deposit accounts are pretty bad. Of course I think any bank that charges fees is pretty bad.
lancescape Jan 30, 2012
Citi is offering $200 with their Dividend Visa (charge $1000 within first 3 months). I really don't need two more credit cards, but $500 - that I could always use.
akaricke Jan 30, 2012
Great bonus thanks!
fluffy Jan 29, 2012
This is my favorite cash-back card. I use it for practically everything that can be charged, unless another card trumps it for the moment in a particular spending category. Its rewards program is an obvious copycat of the Discover More card, but Chase made it better with a minimum of 1% back on all purchases, and much higher cash-back limits on the 5% quarterly categories - so much so that Discover appears to have recently raised their cash-back limits. With Discover More, you don't earn 1% on general purchases until you've spent several thousand dollars in the year.
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chuckydealpl Jan 29, 2012
this is one of there best card deals
disneywonder Jan 29, 2012
nice find!
xichigox Jan 29, 2012
Is this only for new chase customers? Or if you have a chase credit card already, is this invalid?
weskokigen Jan 29, 2012
"This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer. "
fluffy Jan 29, 2012
I already have two other Chase cards, and I had no problem getting this one, which I've had over a year now. You can't, however, get another Chase Freedom card, if you already have one. I recently tried to get the MasterCard version but they sent me a letter saying I already have a Chase Freedom Visa.
xichigox Jan 31, 2012
Thanks for all the info!
ramana_forums Jan 29, 2012
this is a great credit card offer from chase.. i am going to apply.. thanks for great deal
ddilworth Jan 29, 2012
I did this last year. Bought a laptop, paid off the card, and got a check promptly from Chase. No interest paid, the account is still open with a 0 balance. No worries, there are no inactivity fees either.
Christine Jan 29, 2012
mnvikings11 Jan 29, 2012
That's a great deal for a chase credit card
rtanner Jan 29, 2012
Being that it is a credit card company I'm sure theirs a trick to this like high interest or something but it does appear to be a sweet deal if the 5 points in credit score doesn't hurt you too badly
BuzzHookah Jan 31, 2012
audiocracy Jan 28, 2012
Keep in mind that applying for anything that requires a hard credit pull will decrease your credit score.
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tinhinane Jan 28, 2012
what do you mean by hard credit pull, please
DanFinance Jan 29, 2012
A 'hard pull' means that it (negatively) affects your credit score. It goes down by I think around 5 points, then should go back up again in about 6 months.
fluffy Jan 29, 2012
Hard credit pulls stay on your credit report for two years. One or two may have little or no effect on your score, especially if you are approved for a decent line of credit and don't run it up, since that decreases your percentage of total credit line utilization.

At creditkarma.com you can get your score for free anytime, without having to buy, try out, or cancel anything. They have a "credit simulator" that lets you see the effect on your score for any number of good or bad credit events. When I add one simulated hard credit pull to my two existing real ones, my score drops 3 points, then only two points each for a 4th and 5th one.

CreditKarma claims that a number hard pulls for mortgage and auto loans over a short period (3 weeks) doesn't have a negative effect on your credit score, since it is assumed you're shopping around for the best financing deal.
zoelee Jan 28, 2012
The application link is back again.
This is the best cash back offer I've ever seen.
Just applied mine :)