Bookmarklet (Post Deals While Browsing Online) Bookmarklet (Post Deals While Browsing Online)
With the Bookmarklet, submitting deals is super easy! Just add the Bookmarklet to your browser and give it a click when you come across an online deal you want to share. The Bookmarklet will bring you right to the submission page, where it will automatically enter as much product info as it can grab. Just fill in the blanks, give your deal a once over, and submit!

Here is the address:
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What's the matter?
encorez Apr 11, 2012
OK it is FP time.......
krmills1 Apr 11, 2012
I assume that means "FAST POSTING" :)
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encorez Apr 11, 2012
fast posting to the front page.....yes
dvinegrace83 Apr 11, 2012
Cool! I cant wait to use it to make dealsplussing that much easier!:-)
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tpark6283 Apr 11, 2012
Nice can't wait to play around with this, hope its as easy as it sounds!
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wannabecool Apr 11, 2012
Nice... can't wait to try it out. I love how this site keeps getting better and better.
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heyimdennise Apr 11, 2012
too bad you cant use it for ipad.. but im sure its awesome ;)
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xptrish Apr 11, 2012
I'm trying it,the issue I have is that so far, any deals I want to post with it the image never shows up and also because it takes you away from the original page it's a pain to have to go back and get the image or more info on the deal.Sometimes I will keep 2 tabs for DPlus open so I can go back and forth between tabs but that too is a pain. If anyone knows why this happens or if it happens to them also can you comment on it? Thank you.
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jasoned Apr 11, 2012
Been using this for quite a while. Makes submitting deals much more efficient. Thanks for sharing it with others.
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poe601 Apr 11, 2012
Been using this for some time, does help a lot.
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gangstabarbie Apr 11, 2012
Thanks I Didn't get a chance to try it yet... So I will pluss it for now
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catchersmom Apr 10, 2012
I can't figure it out, some day I am sure
encorez Apr 10, 2012
thanks for the post
hope everyone see's it
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dealwagger Apr 10, 2012
Woah! I could definitely use a time saver! Thank you +'d
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krmills1 Apr 10, 2012
I thought I would put this out in front of everyone to see, since I didn't know about it and I have been on this website since 2007.
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