Coupon Mobile App - Coupon Mobile App -
What is the Coupons App? brings a huge collection of mobile and online coupons right to your iPhone or iPod Touch! No hunting, no hassle, and no scissors required.

By simply downloading the app, you can browse mobile and online coupons from over 15,000 retailers. Search by store name or category, or just let us use your current location to find nearby coupons and display them for you on an easy to read map. We'll even let you save a list of your favorite stores, or sync the app with your account so you can track all your favorites from your phone and the web.

Out shopping? Just show the cashier your mobile coupon right on your iPhone. Shopping online? Just tap a code and we'll copy it for you and send you right to the site where you can make your purchase. With the app, it's really that easy.

Available at the Apple Store through the SEE IT link
Also available from Google Play
Also Available is Pocketly
Whatever it is you’re looking for, Pocketly will help you track it down on-the-go. Just select a category or enter a keyword or store name, and we’ll show you what relevant businesses are right nearby! We’ll even let you know if there are any coupons available, give you directions and phone numbers, and show you tips and photos shared by other Pocketly users. Plus, we’ll give you the option to save coupons, follow stores, and create pockets where you can organize your favorites.
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What's the matter?
rd995 May 28, 2013
i see the app is been updated but why the ios version is different from the android one maybe android version needs an upgrade too the ios looks more like the current page with popular,feed and all that while the android version is more for coupons
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erick99 May 26, 2013
Will see if it is supported by my phone and tablet. I certainly like the idea.
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tpark6283 May 26, 2013
Thanks for bringing it back, cant wait to use it!
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arsiel May 26, 2013
Heh. Probably should have posted it as a deal instead of sharing it on ask and share.
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xptrish May 26, 2013
@arsiel sorry,I didn't mean for you to think I took your idea,you didn't post it and I knew people would find it useful and may not realize that this app was available.
arsiel May 26, 2013
@xptrish No worries. I'm not on dp that often so I didn't even think of posting it as a deal ;x I just like that we have a real app now :)
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Dexterous May 26, 2013
Great free app, thanks
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seanvcxz May 26, 2013
I will be downloading this app! It makes it even easier to stay on top of deals.
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LokaFreeThings2 May 26, 2013
Going to download now:) I like the idea of not having to clip coupons & my printer broke too so another plus for the app:)
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wzhenwei May 26, 2013
This is great! Thanks for sharing it!
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kevin07 May 26, 2013
this is pretty awesome! thanks
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blackfoot May 26, 2013
Very cool, no more having to write down coupons or trying to print them out for in-store shopping.
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FibroMom May 26, 2013
This is really neat - will look into installing the app later today. (Not much experience with downloading or using apps - I am OLD SCHOOL - but have a teen son that can talk me through it!) ;)
additc May 26, 2013
Woohoo finally
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filelist101 May 26, 2013
thanks been waiting yes!
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mdgirl May 26, 2013
thanks for sharing, no more lost coupon.
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YesBoss May 26, 2013
Good Find, Only For Iphone App .
THartz606 May 26, 2013
Really great. It will be great just being able to show the cashier my phone with the coupon on it. I wouldn't lose the coupon that way lol. Thanks for the post.
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hija_ellen May 26, 2013
making shopping online or in-store easy and saves a lot of time and money. ill try this too. thanks
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hemalaa May 26, 2013
good to know that it is available for Android as well.
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shopange08 May 25, 2013
Yay! I've been waiting for the DP app. Thanks
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wdjdac May 25, 2013
I think I have this app on my phone, but I should use it more!
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rd995 May 25, 2013
@wdjdac well the app was there but was taken out dont know the reason now its back i remember having it in my old iphone 4 some time ago
chuckydealpl May 25, 2013
sounds like a neat app, will definitely give it a try
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