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What's the matter?
ccstompnet May 24, 2012
Downloading now...nearly 2meg/second.

sorry #2, you are the weakest link...goodbye
johng333 May 24, 2012
Great deal. I have used Greenman gaming in the past, they are well known, reputable gaming company that offers freebies a couple of times a year. I went to the site and "bought" this game for zero dollars. Chose not to download right away because it could be slow since a ten or so thousand people might be lining up for a free game.

Highly recommend.
jamadi May 24, 2012
Not recommended!
The game is a nice one. However, to download it you'll need to register, confirm your email, install some sort of unknown (not trusted) capsule, which will also install the game.
I have canceled the download after finding the nature of this capsule.

BTW, there website is so slow that I doubt it to be behind a dialup connection :)
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johng333 May 24, 2012
DO NOT LISTEN TO THE REVIEW ABOVE. Greenman gaming is a well know and reputable company that is in line with Steam.

#1. Greenman gaming requires you use their system to download a game similar to the way Steam works. Difference is the games you get on Greenman gaming don't require you to run their Capsule to play the game. In addition you can register any game you get on Greenman gaming on Steam.

#2. Just like Steam or Amazon, you need an account to download a game. Wow, that is crazy. Unlike those two, Greenman gaming will allow you to trade in games for credit, even free games. This game will probably get you a $1 trade in credit even if you just register and get it but never install or even download it.

#3 Greenman gaming has sales equal to or better than Steam or Amazon. Get the free games, trade them in, take your credits and buy the deep discount top tier games.

#4 It is a fast site but amazingly they get heavy traffic when they give away a good game for free. Who would have guessed?

Take 2 minutes and research Greenman gaming and you will see they are a well known company like Steam, Gamestop, etc. The above review is unresearched and totally incorrect.

I have used Greenman gaming, I have gotten other games for free, and I got this game. Took about 1 minute total since I am already registered (fyi - they don't spam your e-mail. In fact you can ask for zero e-mails and they will comply).

Great free deal and even if I don't love the game, it will be a nice $1 trade in latter.

audiocracy May 25, 2012
Even if the download client is a malicious software (which it obviously isn't,) I'm sure that stopping the client as it's already installed and downloading the game wouldn't do much to help you "prevent" anything.
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ilene285 May 24, 2012
Free PC game. Great deal.