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(Watch LIVE Drawing Now!) Win an iPad Mini, More! Halloween Pinterest Lotto


Watch the LIVE drawing here

Winning numbers: 15, 21, 8, 22, 10


Happy Halloween from everyone here at headquarters!
Use your ESP powers to guess the lucky numbers in another Pinterest Lottery! You're gonna be scary happy when you find out you've won a MacBook, iPad Mini or a $50 Gift Card...

Here's how it works:

The Winners:
5 numbers will be picked LIVE and at random by the staff on November 2nd. Match any 3 of 5 numbers to win!

Match 5 of 5 numbers - Winners will be entered into a raffle for (1) 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display
Match 4 of 5 numbers - Winners will be entered into a raffle for the (1) new iPad Mini 16GB
Match 3 of 5 numbers - Each winner will be awarded (1) $50 gift card

Some rules and guidelines:
  • Once you repin your numbers, you may not edit your board
  • Your board must match the information in your Giveaway Entry Form
  • If you re-pin more than 5 numbers you are disqualified
  • Enter by November 2nd at 2pm PDT
  • See the official Rules & Guidelines here
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What's the matter?
lazybearkhoa Nov 05, 2012
I never got contacted and I won
mnvikings11 Nov 04, 2012
Damn not a single #, oh well, better luck next time.
belarus94 Nov 03, 2012
So who's the winner? Will it be announced?
tannawings Nov 03, 2012
I matched 3 of 5 and havent heard back can you help? Thank you!
Dexterous Nov 03, 2012
just won 1 number lol
nimase85 Nov 03, 2012
Dang it if I used the numbers for my bday like I was going to I would have had 3 :(
sparkle1410 Nov 02, 2012
so what were the numbers?
Acarone Nov 02, 2012
Winning numbers: 15, 21, 8, 22, 10
Acarone Nov 02, 2012
I won! Too bad I wasn't eligible to win since I work here :(
arsiel Nov 02, 2012
Share the wealth!
I only matched 2 out of the 5 numbers :'( I guess it's improvement from last time...
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ragingwookiee Nov 02, 2012
I just get a looping video trying to watch on YouTube
ragingwookiee Nov 02, 2012
New link provided on Twitter seems to be working.
jessa1130 Nov 02, 2012
So excited!!! I love this!!
arsiel Nov 02, 2012
Ahh! It's almost time for the drawing. Can't wait to see the clip to see if my numbers get drawn :D
breefunk Nov 02, 2012
Wow! This should be great! Good Luck to All!!
TOTOOO Nov 02, 2012
1-30 plus the instruction page.
Deedle_pie Nov 02, 2012
5 numbers between what number and what number?
YesBoss Nov 02, 2012
Free Giveaways, Good Luck To All DP Users .
MyBFFisaPanda Nov 01, 2012
Awesome! I entered! Thanks & good luck to all.
nimase85 Oct 31, 2012
I love all these great giveaways... If I win the Macbook Pro i would be in heaven my laptop is on it's way out i think I fixed like every major part more then once and am currently using my smartphone as a mouse :-) Good Luck everyone!!!
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mnvikings11 Oct 31, 2012
I think this is much better then other contest's, because it's more random.
Dexterous Oct 31, 2012
excited for the results, fingers crossed, wanna win mac book
ukaran Oct 31, 2012
Definitely I will take part in the contest and WIN i pad
mnvikings11 Oct 29, 2012
I hope they post winners, cause I didn't see them last time.
shimisi Oct 29, 2012
There's regularly a chance to win something on here. How awesome is that? Thank you,!
mnvikings11 Oct 28, 2012
I really like the new Macbook pro's, just can't see spending that much when I bought a fully loaded HP for a lot less.
ReturninVideoTps Oct 28, 2012
Ooh, another pinterest lottery. I didn't win last time. So maybe I"ll have better luck this time
mnvikings11 Oct 28, 2012
I hopr that I can win something.
ukaran Oct 28, 2012
I find very good give away here and a nice deal
zoneric Oct 28, 2012
another contest from DP. that's awesome. too bad I can't be in it.
aznballa161 Oct 27, 2012
nice, i love the contests you guys offer. haven't won anything yet but hopefully soon
deby32953 Oct 27, 2012
I hope I did it right!
naturaldeal Oct 27, 2012
Thank you for this giveaway
ladylisa1 Oct 26, 2012
Hope my lucky numbers get drawn! GL everyone
MrBklynW Oct 26, 2012
oh sweet another fun giveaway=). Thanks and good luck to everyone!
vocablo Oct 26, 2012
Really a hot deal found here! Thanks OP!
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jeepeo Oct 26, 2012
Nice giveaway found here. I like your deal. Thx!
blackfoot Oct 26, 2012
Great contest, like DP giveaways, good luck to all.
pbooter Oct 25, 2012
Nice deal found here. Thanks for collecting them together.
aoobuu Oct 25, 2012
Thanks for taking time to share this deal which is absolutely practical these days!
Gaylesheerin Oct 25, 2012
interesting give away, i got them!
Florida2Texas Oct 25, 2012
It was so much fun to just follow all the instructions and enter the giveaway. Thanks dealspl..
tpark6283 Oct 25, 2012
Two of my favorite sites!! Thanks for having another giveaway!
catchersmom Oct 25, 2012
great give away but I never do it right
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glwrks Oct 25, 2012
Thanks! Hope my ESP is working;)
mnvikings11 Oct 25, 2012
Thanks for a chance to win something nice for the holidays.
poe601 Oct 25, 2012
Entered and very easy to too, Thanks dealsplus and good luck every one!
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arsiel Oct 25, 2012
Lured in again! Entered because I had to. :P Good luck everyone... kind of :x
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dvinegrace83 Oct 25, 2012
lol! well we were all thinking it! ;)
YellowYY Oct 25, 2012
Thanks for sharing and giving me the chance.
belarus94 Oct 25, 2012
Thanks! Another great chance to win!
themoneyman1113 Oct 25, 2012
Great! Many thanks for the chance to win :--)
Gumby8888 Oct 25, 2012
Entered, Thanks for the chance to win.
dlcama Oct 25, 2012
Where is the form to fill out???
chuckydealpl Oct 25, 2012
its posted above #4 or go here