Flickr | 1TB of Free Photo Sharing

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What's the matter?
jkbane May 21, 2013
this is a great thing flickr did
erick99 May 21, 2013
I have never seen any service give away a TB of photo space but I am all over this. I have about 500GB of photos that I would love to back up.
tpark6283 May 21, 2013
I haven't tried Flickr yet, now I'm gonna have to. Thanks!
jjdo May 21, 2013
The free storage is one thing. But, it is the upload per day/week that really counts? This deal comes from a very large corporation and nothing is free coming from them. Down the road you will be paying for it. Good luck.
shomewhere May 21, 2013
That's the point, nobody is going to fill up all 1TB of space with photos and that's why it is feasible to announce 1TB free space. That's what Gmail is up to, see that ever increasing Gmail storage? Anyways nice to have 1TB storage.
lotuslove19 May 21, 2013
Great freebie. It's like having an unlimited space for photo storage. Thanks for sharing.
poe601 May 21, 2013
Great amount of storage nice find, thanks!
rd995 May 21, 2013
thats a lot of storage for photos i dont think i can fill a 500 gb hd with just pics
littlexu May 21, 2013
Great freebie. It is like an unlimited space for photo. Thanks for sharing.
shimisi May 21, 2013
As the Donald would say, that's huge. Nice way to make users be okay with the site changes as not many were happy with them.
chuckydealpl May 21, 2013
nice freebie. i think its a great marketing gimmick to get users to sign up and later down the road start charging a fee. if you have a ton of photos uploaded, you're probably not going to remove them and take it elsewhere.
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Dexterous May 20, 2013
awesome freebie, thanks for space
Rosaura1234 May 20, 2013
Awesome storage.More photos.Really great.
blackfoot May 20, 2013
Nice freebie, huge amount of storage to use.
jasoned May 20, 2013
This is perfect for those that like to store and share very high quality videos. Great deal!
iowahawkeyes May 20, 2013
1 tb. That is insane. How could one even share that many photos? Lol that's a million or something like that right?
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