FOX: A Medical Thriller (Jessica James Mysteries)

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Suspense. Medical Thriller.

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Book 3 of 4 in Jessica James Series (4 Book Series)


“The Jessica James Mysteries are edgy, thrilling and simply captivating in a gripping fashion that will never let go.” – Chicago Tribune

Genes to die for–and someone does… Award winning author, Kelly Oliver blends humor and suspense with a medical thriller for a result that is riveting.

When Jessica James wakes up half naked behind a dumpster in downtown Chicago, she thinks at first the hot intern feeding her Fiery Mule Slammers slipped her a Mickey.

But after a pattern of similar incidents around Northwestern Research Hospital makes the news, Jessica realizes she was robbed of something more valuable than her book bag.

The “dumpster girls” are all top of their class, attractive college students, who are drugged and dropped unconscious behind dumpsters. When rape-kits all come back negative, the police are baffled. But when the perp escalates and kills one of his victims, Jessica takes it on herself to solve the bewildering mystery and save herself and her friends as the “thief” closes in on them.

Hunting for the predator, Jessica discovers secrets about her own identity that force her to rethink her past.

The solution to the mystery lies in the cowgirl philosopher’s boot-cut genes.

Mystery, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Romance, and Laugh-out-Loud Humor.

What more could you want in a page-turner? A riveting suspense novel that keeps you guessing until the end.

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