Free 1 Month Amazon Prime Membership

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What's the matter?
rd995 Nov 25, 2012
if you go to the amazon website its been like that for a long time free 1st month for amazon prime for new accounts 3 months free for amazon mom or students account
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shopange08 Nov 25, 2012
Great promo.. Amazon Prime is great, especially this time of year--thanks!
nimase85 Nov 25, 2012
This is a great promo if you never took advantage of this I love amazon prime and this is great to share
bbattag Nov 25, 2012
Anyone know who can/can't participate in this promo? I dont see any details anywhere
themoneyman1113 Nov 25, 2012
Good offer for those who don't have PRIME yet. Also really great time to offer it right around the holidays---Very nice.
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chuckydealpl Nov 25, 2012
i'll pass this along, thanks. just make sure to cancel before 1 month is over, after your free trial, Amazon Prime is $79/year.
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ashleydempsey Nov 25, 2012
Thanks for the info on cancelling.
YesBoss Nov 25, 2012
or we can change to month to month plan, which is $7.99
bbattag Nov 25, 2012
@YesBoss - They eliminated the monthly option. It was just a "trial" that they quickly got rid of
munkin2u Nov 25, 2012
Really good deal if you buy from Amazon a lot. Good find :)
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johng333 Nov 27, 2012
Are people crazy? This is not a deal, this is something Amazon offers every single day. Every time I make a purchase at Amazon it offers me a free trial of Amazon Prime. I have used the free trial, worked fine but I canceled because I do not use it enough.

This would be like posting a deal that your local supermarket is giving out free food samples ... yeah, everyone of them does it and they do it everyday.

I am going to post a deal. Netflix is offering a free one month trial. WOW! Hurry and sign up before .... its offered again every day.
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ashleydempsey Nov 27, 2012
johng666, what supermarkets?

lol:) go buy grapefruit & cut a hole in it...