FREE 1 year of ShopRunner via Facebook

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What's the matter?
akaricke Dec 24, 2011
I was able to get mine. Thanks for the deal.
bethkay Dec 21, 2011
Oh I missed out on this one! Looks like you can only get a 30 day member ship now. Glad some of you got this on time - way to go!
babyboomer_61 Dec 20, 2011
I still do not see any 1 free year membership on Facebook?

Any help would be appreciated!
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Acarone Dec 20, 2011
log in to your facebook account if you have one, maybe you'll see it then. you also have to "Like" domino's pizza to see the deal
feliziap Dec 20, 2011
its back up!!
babyboomer_61 Dec 20, 2011
I still do not see any 1 free year membership on Facebook?

Any help would be appreciated!
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unikki420 Dec 19, 2011
Can you cancel your subscription and get in on the free deal?
tnglm003 Dec 19, 2011
Ran out, check back tomorrow.
baldieee09 Dec 19, 2011
This is awesome. Can't believe I used to actually paid for this... but no more :)
arsiel Dec 19, 2011
Cool, I'm waiting for other stores to join shoprunner so I could reap the benefits
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babyboomer_61 Dec 19, 2011
How do you get a free 1 year Shoprunner membership? I do not see a link on Facebook for 1 free year, just for free 30 days membership.
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dddsss Dec 19, 2011
they've reached today's limit...try tomorrow
Brentheriot Dec 19, 2011
So far the only thing I used mine for is Dominos pizza & toysRus. That's already saved me $12!
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VirginiaPeanuts Dec 19, 2011
Looks like there are more participating stores than a few weeks ago. Very cool!
Dealsteeler Dec 19, 2011
bbattag Dec 19, 2011
I had to use a credit card....
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msimulation Dec 19, 2011
I can confirm no credit card was needed, on the form you'll fill out your contact information, and at the end you'll see the credit card fields, just leave them blank. It worked for me.
arsiel Dec 19, 2011
Used my free shoprunner membership from American Express' gift chain and didn't need to use a credit card either
maven3 Dec 19, 2011
I also left the credit card info blank and it worked.

The list of stores isn't that great if you ask me. The only two that I am likey to use is Newegg and Autozone. Too bad they don't have Amazon...

They also have a bunch of store 'specials/deals', but none of them seem that impressive to me.
zoelee Dec 19, 2011
Good news for those who missed the latest promotion a week ago.
I am using Shoprunner for several months once they send e-mail to targeted person for a free 1-year membership. Bought several things from Newegg, Drugstore, Toysrus and Sport Authority, got free 2-day shipping no minimum. And the return shipping should also be free although I've never tried.
poe601 Dec 19, 2011
Great Deal, just make sure you cancel after one year or you will be charged.
Acarone Dec 19, 2011
this membership is great. get unlimited free 2-day shipping at some great stores:

normally $79
johng333 Dec 20, 2011
Make sure you go into your account settings once you have your free account. If you added CC info turn off Autorenew or it will automatically charge you $79 next year.

You can also turn off all potential spam. Check boxes at the bottom of your Account settings can be set to stop or start e-mails with "special offers".

You do not have to enter CC info to activate your account. If you do put a CC on file make sure you turn off Autorenew. Change the e-mail marketing options to meet your needs (i.e. turn them all off if you are like me).