Free 2 Month Trial of Hulu Plus

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What's the matter?
sugar624 Jul 23, 2012
This doesn't work if you already used a free trial before :(
psplove Jul 11, 2012
2 Month? That's very good freebies.. Thanks!
hemalaa Jul 11, 2012
Wow!!! Two months free trail....That's awesome...going to try this...thanks
catchersmom Jul 11, 2012
My daughter will love this thanks
lilywow Jul 11, 2012
Never tried this before but heard a lot about it, and I will try anything for Free. Nice find
iowahawkeyes Jul 11, 2012
This is really nice! I have always wanted to know a little more about this and maybe try it, but I was not down with paying anything. This is a great option for people like me.
solowkoe Jul 11, 2012
awesome. better then the 1 month free offers I've seen in the past. hulu is very good. I've watch married with children and a few anime's on there.
mikhaila Jul 11, 2012
Oh wow free two months?? I was just looking at Hulu today...
mayapalmer Jul 11, 2012
yay! can't wait to try this out- thanks so much for posting this - so much better than netflix
shimisi Jul 11, 2012
Nice, 2 months! It's become so much easier to watch stuff off the Internet. Ad blockers help too :)
decko5 Jul 11, 2012
I gave it a shot. Sucks that there are still commercials.
deal Jul 11, 2012
Cool. I always wanted to try out Hulu Plus... Going to give this a shot.. I wonder how much better it is from Netflix.. We shall see.. Thank you
ReturninVideoTps Jul 11, 2012
Love it. Been meaning to try this!
rockinnrolla Jul 11, 2012
I have never tried this before but 2 months free..... I think I am in! Thanks for the post!
Christine Jul 11, 2012
really?! great for hte summer...i have time to watch free shows!
Dexterous Jul 10, 2012
i love hulu plus and free watching is awesome
blackfoot Jul 10, 2012
Good deal. Lots of movies I'd like to see.
ArtemisDeals Jul 10, 2012
I used this service but canceled it because I had to pay for commercials. But I am very tempted to get the free trial for 2 months :) because they do have some good tv shows on there that other services do not :)
MdavidK30 Jul 10, 2012
I guess it's not such a big deal with Huluplus... Hulu -basic for FREE anyway works fine for me.
Caught up on my Bachelorette show... also, not a big fan that not all shows are posted up right away.
vimalr Jul 10, 2012
I can give it a another try for huluplus.
wannabecool Jul 10, 2012
Nice. Thanks.
anangke Jul 10, 2012
Bad thing about hulu plus is you still have to watch comercials. :( but you can watch alot of tv shows like community. which is a funny show
peter90 Jul 10, 2012
Great find. Thank you.
cid681 Jul 10, 2012
The link only leads to the regular trial page and offers 2 weeks as far as I can tell. Is there another icon to click after entering? Should I expect that this is only for new subscribers?
markfrasier Jul 10, 2012
Double check the link you clicked on. The one posted is showing 2 months for me with just a single click.
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cid681 Jul 10, 2012
I had to log out of Hulu for it to display the 2 months free. I already have Hulu plus so maybe we should update the title of the post?
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MdavidK30 Jul 10, 2012
which reminds me... its tuesday,and I have to catch up on my Bachelorette season..
MdavidK30 Jul 10, 2012
Don't you still have to give your credit information? I just watch it for free anyway...
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vannoykL Jul 11, 2012
hi just checked it out,they do ask for a credit card,were they can put it on file to charge you after
MdavidK30 Jul 11, 2012
Yeh... but, why should I try Hulu plus- when I get Hulu regular for FREE, without giving my info.
gangstabarbie Jul 10, 2012
Is this any good?? Better than Netflix I hope? Plussed
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gapotter Jul 11, 2012
They have a LONG way to go to catch up to Netflix. I can't believe they charge AND show commercials.
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arsiel Jul 10, 2012
Hulu Plus is becoming quite a competitor for Netflix. Their shows are updated more frequently!
Hannan2000 Jul 10, 2012
Terrible movie collection
themoneyman1113 Jul 10, 2012
Free two months?? Now that is pretty good offer. Thanks for sharing.
dvinegrace83 Jul 10, 2012
there are a few shows i've been wanting to watch on this..thanks!
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