Free 25GB Box Cloud Storage Driver

Box is a cloud storage, the alternative of online drivers such as Dropbox, SkyDriver, Google Driver, SugarSync,…With Box, you store files online – then access them anywhere, anytime, on any device. Box is a safe solution to storage your files, documents, musics, images, videos,…and never worry about the failure of PC hard drives.
Enter you email and password, then confirm your email and you get it ^^
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What's the matter?
tpark6283 Aug 29, 2012
Well I just found out my cloud on my iphone is almost full so I guess this will be AWESOME for me!! Thanks!
EzzyLovesToSave Aug 29, 2012
Ya just can't beat FREE!:)
vimalr Aug 29, 2012
I got 50gb free by installing app on touchpad. These are really useful for backups.
maven3 Aug 29, 2012
Yep, same.

It's nice as an archive space, but I do wish it had an easier way to upload files as apposed to just the webpage based uploader.
psplove Aug 29, 2012
25GB still not enough to me. but is free. what can I say? Thank You!
blackfoot Aug 28, 2012
Great offer for space, passing this on to a few of my buddies.
belarus94 Aug 28, 2012
Yea, I see it now. The link was taking me to another page where I get only 5GB. Thanks
Dexterous Aug 28, 2012
OMG 25 GB is huge space, when i back up just 5 gb in phone it almost gets full...
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belarus94 Aug 28, 2012
BTW I registered and got only 5GB. So how do you get 25GB?
themoneyman1113 Aug 28, 2012
Not entirely sure why you only got 5GB, but I got 25GB SEE BELOW:
Storage: 0B of 25.0GB
Dexterous Aug 28, 2012
There is option 5 gb or 25 gb, may be you didnt click 25 gb....I just got mine....
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belarus94 Aug 28, 2012
They had 50GB for awhile. Did they stop offering it already?
TheJammer Aug 30, 2012
Yep I had gotten 50GB before too. They must have stopped with that promo- maybe only when they were starting up.
iowahawkeyes Aug 28, 2012
This sounds like it would be great for my Google nexus 7! Wonder if its compatible...
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rd995 Aug 28, 2012
it should work check on the play store they have the app
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rd995 Aug 28, 2012
this is what i use on my iphone to back up my pictures
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