Free 90 Day Trial for ShopRunner

1. Sign up for 30 Day Trial
2. After Sign up, cancel immediately and they'll offer you a 90 Day trial with no-auto renewal
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What's the matter?
Beauty2Makeup Apr 17, 2012
I signed up for a 30 day trial last year but I didn't renew. Then several months later Shop Runner sent me an offer for a Free one year membership! I use it all the time. They just may have convinced me to renew it this time
deal Apr 17, 2012
ShopRunner is pretty cool. I got a 1 year Free Trial and so far haven't had any issues. I have used them with,, and So far haven't had any issues at all. They notify you when they ship it and when it gets delivered.
aznballa161 Apr 16, 2012
Shoprunning is pretty useful. Hope that they ask more merchants though
xichigox Apr 16, 2012
Love the free shipping! Forgot I had an account when I bought something, but I noticed a log-in for it, and voila, free shipping!
blackfoot Apr 16, 2012
This is a great offer for anyone who hasn't signed up already.
maven3 Apr 16, 2012
I've enjoyed my membership as well. I haven't had to return anything, but they pay return shipping.

I really like the free 2 day shipping it gives at Newegg.
jasoned Apr 16, 2012
I've really enjoyed having the free shipping. This is definitely a great deal.
wutthedealyo Apr 16, 2012
anyone try this yet? has it actually worked?
tpark6283 Apr 16, 2012
If it's going to save you ANY amount of $ why would you turn it up!?!?! Thanks for posting!
tpark6283 Apr 16, 2012
lol i meant pass it up! I need more coffee!
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arsiel Apr 16, 2012
I'd definitely recommend this to people. The 90 day free membership is definitely a difficult to deal to turn down. It's been so useful and reliable for me! :D
branie Apr 16, 2012
I am passing this deal along. Thanks for sharing. Nice find! Glad to see so many people love shoprunner!
rockinnrolla Apr 16, 2012
I love having shoprunner....especially when you can get it for FREE!
poe601 Apr 16, 2012
Great to belong to Shoprunner, can really save with it!
xptrish Apr 15, 2012
Sneaky...hmm, my year is almost up..I wonder if I will get an offer if I don't renew?
Good to know though,be interested to see if they offer that to everyone.
dealwagger Apr 16, 2012
I have only used my shoprunner trail once but just that deal ($5 for a box of diapers @babiesrus) was worth the sign up and more. When I get close to my free year's end date, I'll also try that! Thank you.