Free $5 gift card’ll earn a $5 Gift Card just for signing up and completing a brief introductory survey (which will be sent in a few days to the email address you enter on this page)
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What's the matter?
chuckydealpl Feb 04, 2013
just received the $5 giftcard from amazon
wonderwoman1969 Feb 02, 2013
I signed up for this last night and I have been called ten times by them in 24 hours. I prefer to be reached by email. They have tried to facetime me on my iPhone. I don't know what that is all about. I suggest not giving them your real phone number if you don't want to be bugged constantly.
dddsss Feb 03, 2013
that's crazy, what did they say? ...they ''despise spam and people who aren't who they say they are''
chuckydealpl Feb 03, 2013
you should always avoid giving out your real phone number from these freebie sites
shimisi Feb 02, 2013
Thanks for the post. Will be passing this along to a couple of friends.
Dexterous Feb 02, 2013
When I posted this deal it was discarded, and now this got push up? I didnt get it.
RandomAlec Feb 02, 2013
I've been taking these surveys for a while now, great website!
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xrjohn Feb 02, 2013
very cool!! i love iheart radio, and really don't mind doing surveys..i also love amazon!
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wonderwoman1969 Feb 01, 2013
Great deal. I can't wait to get an email from them and the Amazon credit. This is a painless offer. I certainly don't mind giving feedback on radio stations.
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blackfoot Feb 01, 2013
Thanks for sharing this, hope it works.
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xptrish Feb 01, 2013
Thanks for signing up!

You can look forward to us reaching out via email or phone very soon
dddsss Feb 02, 2013
is there an option so that they won't call you?
xptrish Feb 01, 2013
Going for it,thank you
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saramor Feb 01, 2013
Hoping to receive in my email not by text and not to receive calls anymore. Thanks
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themoneyman1113 Feb 01, 2013
Very nice, thanks can't wait to get my email. Check those spam folders as well, I notice so much stuff heads to my spam folder and if I didn't regularly check it I would miss some important things.
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ashleydempsey Feb 01, 2013
sounds fun. thank you for sharing chuckydealpl!
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helloamy1977 Feb 01, 2013
Hopefully the survey isnt that long or endless.
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Subha83 Feb 01, 2013
Thanks for sharing.Waiting for the mail.
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belarus94 Feb 01, 2013
Cool, thanks
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YesBoss Feb 01, 2013
Waiting For Survey To Get My Free $5 Gift Card.
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rd995 Feb 01, 2013
i just sign up hope to get the $5 gift card after completing the survey or whatever it is that they email
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