Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit

How to Get Your Free Credit

Open the Amazon Local app on your iPhone, Android, or Kindle Fire
Claim the free Amazon MP3 credit by March 25, 2013
Follow the redemption instructions and enjoy!
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What's the matter?
ukaran Mar 23, 2013
Very great Freebies. Thanks for sharing.
lauchremi Mar 23, 2013
thanks! :)
psplove Mar 23, 2013
listen MP3 every day. Great freebies deals.
MrBklynW Mar 23, 2013
this is awesome, thanks Wookie!
shopange08 Mar 23, 2013
I love when these free mp3 credit deals come around. Great find, thanks!
kevin1979 Mar 22, 2013
I'm also getting the "Sorry that page wasn't found" error. I'll try again tomorrow.
Dexterous Mar 22, 2013
thanks for free mp3, will check it out
deby32953 Mar 22, 2013
Free money? Who is not going to accept that?
deby32953 Mar 22, 2013
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backspace Mar 22, 2013
Thanks..I can get the song I like..
shimisi Mar 22, 2013
Their free mp3 credit offers are becoming a semi-regular thing, it's great. Thanks.
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fluffy Mar 22, 2013
When I press the "Place Your Order" button in the app, I keep getting "Sorry, that page wasn't found".
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ragingwookiee Mar 22, 2013
@fluffy May have to try again later. Site is probably slammed with traffic.
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fluffy Mar 22, 2013
It finally worked when I tried later.
branie Mar 22, 2013
Love all the free credits I have gotten from Amazon over the past year or so! Woo hoo!!!
wdjdac Mar 22, 2013
App said, Note: We require a credit card to complete this transaction.
LilRed77 Mar 22, 2013
I think I need to just skim over first 2 pages, cuz every deal i'm posting seems to be already posted and they are listing it anyway, but i have other deals that they havent approved, and its been 24 hours. I know that the store isnt listed, but I know one of them is a popular brand and well known brand but they havent approved it yet. It seems like they are only approving my listing that are duplicates so I don't think this is fair. I am trying my best at this but if the approval department isnt going to do their job, then its not worth my time trying to list stuff :( Very upset at this webpage right now
YesBoss Mar 22, 2013
Free $2 MP3 Credit, Thanks For Sharing The Post .
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