SeekDroid (Amazon Free App of the Day)

Product Features
Locate your Android device anywhere
Remotely enable GPS and display location on the map
Lock your device with a custom code
Retrieve recent calls
Run without a SIM card
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What's the matter?
YesBoss Dec 07, 2013
Back Again
mnvikings11 Sep 17, 2012
Very interesting app. will check it out.
Dexterous Sep 17, 2012
This is a good freebie, nice find
ReturninVideoTps Sep 17, 2012
This is really handy. I have the "findmyiPhone" app and have definitely used it a few times...
encorez Sep 17, 2012
I thought seek1 wasn't good anymore and you needed seek2,,,,,,
ancagavs Sep 17, 2012
cool app. I think I'll try it. thanks.
zoneric Sep 17, 2012
very nice. it's easier to find and lock your phone with this app. nice find.
MrBklynW Sep 16, 2012
quite a handy app, thanks!
additc Sep 16, 2012
iowahawkeyes Sep 16, 2012
I'm the worst about loosing things. This is the app for me for sure.
aznballa161 Sep 16, 2012
nice, now i won't be afraid when i lose my phone
chuckydealpl Sep 16, 2012
this is a neat app and even better with some of the bug fixes.