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Bite Size Chunks to Success - How To Reduce Stress and Begin Managing Stress and Controlling It Once And For All
By Garth Castle

Developing YOU to gain the leading edge.

If you are feeling stressed by the economic climate, or fear of loss of job, then this book is well timed. The author (Garth Castle) asks the $64,000 question ‘How can you reduce stress?’ And qualifies that by saying that sadly, there is no magic wand, that managing stress is actually up to the individual. He further suggests that others can help but only to a degree.

However, on a more positive note, Garth also promises the reader that it is not difficult to succeed in reducing stress – and his book sets out to show you how to do just that. By breaking everything that you do into bite size chunks you make whatever you are doing easier to digest, achieve and enjoy.

This book is designed with basic information so that you can easily relate to the content. You can read the whole book or just read a chapter that fits with your circumstances at the time. You can keep referring back for support. I encourage you to do just that as you progress.


“I have no hesitation in recommending Garth Castle’s excellent book "Bite Size Chunks to Success – How To Reduce Stress and Begin Managing Stress..". In a light, fun and easy read, you are shown what causes stress, how to cope with it, solve the issues and – most importantly – move forward. Not only is it a worthwhile read for the individual, but business owners would do well to read it, too – if only to understand why their staff raise issues about stress at work.”
Steve Hart
Steve Hart is the creator of the DVD True Happiness.

“A characteristic of successful people is that they ensure that stress only
plays a constructive role in their lives. They achieve this by taking control
of the stressors that they encounter every day. "Bite Size Chunks to Success
– How To Reduce Stress and Begin Managing Stress..." provides you with practical ideas and tools that will assist you in achieving this.”

Stephen Tindall
Founder of The Warehouse Ltd (NZ)
Dip Mgt, FNZIM, ONZM, HonD, Dcom Honoris Causa

“Garth’s book gives you the inspiration and motivation to follow your own
dreams. His practical steps show that ‘nothing is impossible’. A ‘must have’
Margaret Nettle
Creative Writing Teacher – Gold Coast Institute of Tafe (1984-2000)
President of the Gold Coast Writers’ Association (1995-2002)

“As a qualified naturopath, I deal with a lot of health conditions that are
associated with stress. Some positive stress is necessary for us to function, but when it becomes negative and chronic in nature, our health can suffer. It seems logical to me that if you begin managing stress and use techniques to control the stress in your life, your health will benefit. Stress can be helped somewhat with supplements and herbal remedies, but at the end of the day, these can only do so much. How you react to the situations in your life impacts how much stress affects your life and your health. In his book, Garth has simple but effective strategies to reduce stress in your life; to be proactive, not reactive.”

- Theresa Sparrow
N.D., Dip. Herb Med

“I have read Garth’s book and, as a Human Resources Consultant, I found the
text easily understood, very practical in application and applicable to all walks
of life, not just the work environment. Garth’s background in management,
human resources and training has provided him with a wealth of practical
knowledge on which he has based this book. I can recommend his book as a
good read and a very useful life tool.”

Des Brooker
Human Resources Consultant
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