Free Chips & Queso at Chili's 8/20-8/22

Get a free order of Chips & Queso with the purchase of an adult entrée at Chili’s August 20-22. Your taste buds will dance with joy.
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What's the matter?
s_m1978 Aug 21, 2012
Love Chilli's....going tonite will use thanks.
EzzyLovesToSave Aug 20, 2012
YUMMY! favorite!
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deby32953 Aug 20, 2012
Would you believe when they 1st opening, they always gave you chips & salsa free! They still give them free to our MS group or we'd take our business elsewhere! Most REAL Mexican restaurants still do, only Chili's makes you pay for them.
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branie Aug 20, 2012
True statement! I do remember when they gave them free but it was short lived in my area anyway..Times have sure changed and not towards making the consumer happy and satisfied that is for sure :(
nthsll Aug 20, 2012
I like free:-)

Thanks for the heads up.
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poe601 Aug 19, 2012
Sounds really good right about now, printed great!
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rockinnrolla Aug 19, 2012
Yummy! I want some NOW! Thanks for posting this! :)
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themoneyman1113 Aug 19, 2012
This is too convenient for us, all on the same road. On the way home from our chips and queso at Chili's, we can stop and get a 50 cent cone at BK for dessert! Then a iced coffee at DD as that is next door, shall I go on?
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branie Aug 19, 2012
No need, lol