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Free coffee tasting event at Starbucks starting Thursday, January 12th

Starbucks is adding a BLONDE roast to the menu. Which is a lighter flavor than its regular coffee. Come to Starbucks for a free coffee tasting and vote for the roast you love most. We'll even send you home with a little something as a thank you.
US Event - Thursday Jan. 12 - Saturday Jan. 14
Canadian Event - Thursday Feb. 9 - Saturday Feb. 11
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What's the matter?
belarus94 Jan 14, 2012
Got my free "blonde" coffee today. Thanks!
nihar1991 Jan 13, 2012
i am going to try this deal
zhn2011zhn Jan 12, 2012
nice find,i always love Starbucks coffee!
songphon Jan 12, 2012
Went to my local starbucks store this morning and tasted all 3 different blend of coffees. Also got a sample of Veranda Blend ground coffee (2-Oz bag) - I guess that's what they mean by "a little something."
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Brentheriot Jan 13, 2012
thanks for the info
snypin04 Jan 12, 2012
someone should post what the "little something" is if they go there in the AM
Christal000 Jan 12, 2012
Nice Thank you
mnvikings11 Jan 11, 2012
Great for coffee drinkers
hekou8721 Jan 11, 2012
awesome! will definitely partake in this, excellent find!
belarus94 Jan 11, 2012
I have Starbucks right around the corner. Will be there to try it. Thanks
branie Jan 11, 2012
Glad this is on the front page as a reminder, I almost forgot!!!
Ashsmart22 Jan 09, 2012
It's a sampling event for Veranda and Willow blend coffee. Which are weak and mild. The secret is to just say you "Like" and you will get a free portion pack of the mild coffee to take home. Plus harrass a minimum wage barista who won't know jack crap about the coffee and be pissed they are not getting tip's lol. I'm there and want free samples because there coffee is to strong and hope this is some pretty weak stuff. Oh how I miss Breakfast Blend being brewed.
hqian1 Jan 09, 2012
It's a free world after all.
ckt_terry Jan 09, 2012
I must take it !!!thanks
snypin04 Jan 09, 2012
holy crap this got SO many plusses!
zhn2011zhn Jan 09, 2012
great coffee.i love this taste!
newjerseychickxo Jan 09, 2012
To be honest I perfer Dunkin Donuts coffee,But some of my friends like Starbucks, So Ill pass on the info. TY :)
vimalr Jan 09, 2012
It would be fun. Going to be big line.
Brentheriot Jan 09, 2012
At least it's gonna be going on for 3 days & not crammed all into a couple hours this time.
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Florida2Texas Jan 09, 2012
I think this is going to be like a one sip sample of the three kind of coffee they are trying to test and and its going to be crazy busy out there, so I am sipping coffee at home! Thanks for sharing though..
Brentheriot Jan 09, 2012
You might be right, but I enjoy ANY excuse to make a trip to Starbucks
helloamy1977 Jan 10, 2012
one sip out of one big mug, pass it. lol
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blackfoot Jan 09, 2012
great coffee. Don't miss this one
helloamy1977 Jan 09, 2012
Maybe its the new blonde drink....mellow, soft and subtle
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Brentheriot Jan 10, 2012
Yep, they'll have samples of each roast (including Blonde)
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nimrodboy3 Jan 09, 2012
noice..i'm down for free tastings =)..
mnvikings11 Jan 09, 2012
Too bad there's not a Starbuck's within 100 miles of us
snypin04 Jan 09, 2012
omg where the heck do you live?!
mnvikings11 Jan 09, 2012
Midwestern part of MN, extremely small town, most shopping is 25 min. away.
chirayu1 Jan 09, 2012
Great Deal! Thanks can buy some things here!
snypin04 Jan 09, 2012
yessssssss coffee! although starbucks NEVER has more than one roast usually :/
I wonder what the little surprise is going to be......
poe601 Jan 09, 2012
Thanks for the info, awesome!
hemalaa Jan 09, 2012
Free coffee :) Awesome...
MrBklynW Jan 09, 2012
FibroMom Jan 09, 2012
Darn it - our local Starbucks has closed. :( Wish I could join in on this Great Deal - someone have a cup for me! :)
dvinegrace83 Jan 08, 2012
I think my palette isn't sophisticated enough for a coffee tasting, but i DID see the word free in there ;)
ilene285 Jan 08, 2012
Awesome. Thanks!
branie Jan 08, 2012
I am there :) Thank you!
zoelee Jan 08, 2012
Thanks for great finding!
austin38 Jan 08, 2012
Yumm I know free samples!
pdubbb Jan 08, 2012
awesome! will definitely partake in this, excellent find!
bethkay Jan 08, 2012
Sounds like fun - count me in too!
Christine Jan 08, 2012 samples ...cant miss out!