FREE Dove Ultimate Clear Deodorant Sample

The form is in Spanish but is automatically translated with the link provided.
Gracias por participar. It means it went through.
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What's the matter?
yvonne92154 May 30, 2011
I got; Gracias por participar, thanks!
designergal390 May 27, 2011
I got "No eres elegible para participar en esta promoción." too
tkeep123 May 26, 2011
Gracias por participar.
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Goooood May 26, 2011
Is there any charge for shipping?????
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alwayslookin May 26, 2011
Goooood May 26, 2011
Thanks !
scoops May 26, 2011
¡Gracias! Trabajado para mí.
icecoldprincess May 26, 2011
Thanks it worked fine.
branie May 26, 2011
Worked for me, thanks!!
dripdd May 26, 2011
In for one, thanks.
skaro964 May 26, 2011
Thanks it worked for me.
amarprem May 25, 2011
Gracias por participar.
mizleeza May 25, 2011
Gracias por participar :)
jusplainsh0rty May 25, 2011
No eres elegible para participar en esta promoción. - which means im not eligible to participate in the promotion =/
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SuperSaverGurl May 25, 2011
It is possible that u might have already requested for this using same email and/or address. Try using a different email.
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hamstergirl May 26, 2011
thanks for the tip!
Nanabelle86 May 26, 2011
it doesn't work for me either since it gave me the same messages as yours =/.