Free FoodSaver Vacuum @ Target

Purchase in Target:

1. buy 1 FoodSaver Vacuum: Price Cut for $16.99 (YMMV)
2. Use $10.00 OFF FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System
3. And use $10 OFF Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System Target Mobile Coupon
4. Price: Free
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What's the matter?
kennyminot Mar 10, 2013
The two $10 coupons actually take the discount off your entire order. In the end, I managed to snag the vacuum sealer and a set of 18 bags for $4. ($16.99 vacuum sealer + $7.19 bags - $20 coupons).
deby32953 Mar 10, 2013
How does $16.99-$10-FREE? What am I missing?
deby32953 Mar 10, 2013
I bet our store will be sold out by the time I get the coupon.
wdjdac Mar 10, 2013
@deby32953 Target Mobile Coupon by Text.
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deby32953 Mar 11, 2013
The coupon is for $16.99?
wdjdac Mar 11, 2013
@deby32953 It two $10 OFF coupon, One manufacturer and one Target coupon.
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deby32953 Mar 11, 2013
DUH! Thanks! I fianlly understand. Still haven't gotten the text from Target. Don't know what I'm doing wrong.
tpark6283 Mar 10, 2013
Awesome freebie, thank u so much for posting
nemeredith Mar 10, 2013
I can't get the text from target to get the coupons!
wdjdac Mar 10, 2013
@nemeredith Did you signed up for the Target Mobile Coupon???
nemeredith Mar 11, 2013
@wdjdac yes I did but I still haven't got a text :/
wdjdac Mar 11, 2013
@nemeredith If you are already signed up, Text OFFERS to 827438.
nemeredith Mar 12, 2013
@wdjdac I did and I got message failed :( bummer too I really wanted this.
lotuslove19 Mar 10, 2013
Wow, unbelievable, can get a free FoodSaver Vacuum. Nice find and thanks for sharing,will check at the store nearby.
poe601 Mar 10, 2013
Thats great to get this free, I have this and love it. So just $10 off is a steal!
MrBklynW Mar 10, 2013
pretty good deal. thanks for sharing!
blackfoot Mar 09, 2013
Wow, fantastic deal if you can get one, gonna check.
littlexu Mar 09, 2013
Wow, can't believe that I can get a free FoodSaver Vacuum. Nice find and thanks for sharing.
themoneyman1113 Mar 09, 2013
We utilized this deal the last time. Our friends who were shopping with us at Target were so shocked when we left the store paying $0.
ashleydempsey Mar 09, 2013
@themoneyman1113 love it! thanks for sharing wdjdac. nice find!
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boricua1 Mar 09, 2013
wow this is an awesome find..passing this along !!
shopange08 Mar 09, 2013
Wow, super deal! Definitely gonna check to see if my Target has this, thanks!
YesBoss Mar 09, 2013
Nice Find, Let Me Check In My Local Store About Price .
chuckydealpl Mar 09, 2013
nice post, have to see if they have these at my store
s_m1978 Mar 09, 2013
Amazing find...will Definitely check this @ target
wdjdac Mar 09, 2013
If you are already signed up, Text OFFERS to 827438.
wdjdac Mar 09, 2013
Remember, inventory varies from store to store.