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What's the matter?
branie Dec 16, 2011
In all my travels today I passed 2 Burger Kings and forget to try the new fries!! I did go to Dunkin Donuts for a coffee and donut although they were not free :(
MHT962 Dec 16, 2011
I really like Jack N the Boxes old fries. Miss those. Don't have a BK by me... but nice deal for those that do.
nimrodboy3 Dec 16, 2011
for me..i actually really enjoy the fries from IKEA..i know..not a usual place people think of when it comes to fries..but seriously..check them out =)
bossusa Dec 16, 2011
Hey free is always good, and I like the fries. I stick with McDonalds when it comes to burgers. Thanks for the fries.
belarus94 Dec 16, 2011
Not a big fan of BK fries. But love their burgers. Usually I stop by McDonalds for fries and go to BK for sandwich. Then next stop at DairyQueen for shake! Dinner served :)
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bbattag Dec 16, 2011
Seems like a copy of Wendy's "new" fries if you ask me. I haven't tried them, but I never liked BK's old fries, so I guess this is good news.

And you can't beat FREE!
capitallock Dec 16, 2011
I like fries.^-^
horrorfreakshow Dec 16, 2011