Free $15 from Kellogg’s Settlement

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What's the matter?
sravanthi1439 Jul 09, 2011
We bought some and lost recipts... is there any way we can claim?
victory1 Jun 29, 2011
Count me out. I didn't buy Rice Krispies to boost my family's immunity system...I bought them to make Rice Krispy Treats :)
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MHT962 Jun 28, 2011
We buy a lot of Rice Krispies but I don't want to list that I've been involved in a law suit this year on any form I may have to fill out that asks. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I think if you claim the money you may have to list this on various applications, etc.. as being involved in a lawsuit. It's just not worth the bother.
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Vinkoniggma Jun 28, 2011

"Class Members may seek reimbursement of $5 per box of Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies purchased, with a maximum recovery of $15 for the purchase of up to three boxes."
briin79 Jun 28, 2011
+ repped for raging wookie. Win for the general population. -1 for greedy corporations that posion and mislead consumers on a daily basis
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chloeprak Jun 28, 2011
I love Frosted Flakes, Autumn Wheat, and Eggo Waffles so I'm not going for the free $15. Besides, it just gonna increase the cost of cereal and other products as it's already high as it is. If you don't like Kellogg's products or their cereal go and fill out the form for the money then.
nyng Jun 28, 2011
I don't feel guilty because I bought Kellogg Cocoa with a rebate offer
but I never received the rebate.
dom2please Jun 27, 2011
I love Rice Krispies, eat them every other day (the other is Shredded Wheat). Someone decided they ripped buyers off, and I am a buyer.

BTW Kellogg may not be around to long. Thank to our loving "Green" government for driving up cereals (Wheat, Oats,corn,etc.) to compete with the FIVE BILLION dollar giveaway to use our food to make make Ethonel.
nskcsf Jun 27, 2011
Honestly, this is not a deal.......its another stick it to the big guy because someone find a way to do it!!!!! Don't fall for it. This whole suit will only cause you to spend more money.
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encorez Jun 27, 2011
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starcrestsa Jun 27, 2011
I will not claim it so the amount that does not get claimed goes to charity organizatiions.
imryanhi Jun 27, 2011
Seriously, this is a terrible thing to take this money because of lack of evidence that it supports the immune system. Taking money from Kellogg's for this reason is utter greediness on your part. You bought the cereal because you enjoyed it more so than thinking of your immune system. Besides, taking this money is taking away from a charity. It would be like going up to a charity jar and taking $15 out of it. I sincerely implore you to ignore this deal.
nskcsf Jun 27, 2011
You are right on!!!!!! Again I ask is it possible for all the claimants to prove they bought it?
rivalten Jun 28, 2011
I know that most Americans eat for pleasure. However, for the small group that wants to eat food that is healthy and that buys products based on the positive/negative effects they will have on their bodies, is it too much to ask for companies to be held accountable for the health claims they make? It is a little judgmental to assume that anyone who accepts this money is utterly greedy.
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imryanhi Jun 28, 2011
I see your point, but at the same time they are being held accountable and giving the money, regardless of what choice you make, to charity. What we are doing with accepting to take this money though is in affect taking it away from a good cause because we bought rice krispies/cocoa krispies thinking we are helping our immune systems. What we should be doing is taking responsibility on ourselves and the greater good of everyone else before thinking we are actually in effect holding them accountable by taking charity money.
nskcsf Jun 27, 2011
How do you prove that you bought it??????????
allanrc689 Jun 28, 2011
you only have to enter the approx dates you bought them
they trust you
akaricke Jun 27, 2011
If you bought some good for you, but:

I have not bought Rice Krispies in a long time. I feel so guilty about filling out the form. I am not going to do it. I am not going to get money for free from an American company. Our economy is bad enough as it is without skimming from Kelloggs.
akaricke Jun 27, 2011
Now if you find an oil/gas settlement count me in!
mrswoodward Jun 27, 2011
Thanks. We purchase Rice Krispies often and Cocoa Krispies every now and then...
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mgfraz Jun 27, 2011
It's if you purchased Rice Krispies or Cocoa Krispies within the past year, which, I did not. :(
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airlinesinc Jun 27, 2011