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Getting More Things Done - Simple Secrets to become Focused And Organized In A Productive And Stress Free Way - The No Shit Guide to Avoiding procrastination and Getting Things Done
- This book is a collection of simple ideas that work! I set out to conquer my time management and productivity issues and just by sheer chance I discovered how.
- The ideas are simple and easy to implement. You will learn about the simplest time management system available - It allows you to access it from almost anywhere and best of all its absolutely free.
-Learn great ways to hold yourself accountable in order to easily achieve your tasks, dreams and goals in no time at all.
-It all started last year when I was consumed to find the answers to my biggest obstacle
( managing my time).
-I needed it to be simple and easy to implement. I had read many books that made those claims, but felt I needed a week to implement those ideas.
-Then a chance discovery using a free online tool instantly doubled my productivity by making me the queen of organisation :)
-Designing a system that works for you is key and you will find many ideas in this short little book to get you organised in no time.
-All the Best
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