Free $50 Gift Card from Jeep for test drive.

Thanks RobbyD over st SD :)

1. Go to

2. Select "Build My Own"

3. Select a vehicle

4. Build it out however you like by selecting options then hitting "next."

5. When done select "Get a Quote" it will ask for your Name, Address, and E-mail. Be sure you to use the right info so you can get your card mailed to you.

6. Select your local dealer and click "Send to Dealer"

7. In a little while you will receive and E-mail from Jeep (You also will get E-mails from your dealer probably!) with subject "Test Drive" giving you a link and saying if you go test drive selected vehicle you will receive a $50 GC.

8. When you go to the dealer make sure you get their dealer code as you will need it to fill out the form that their E-mail has the link too.
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What's the matter?
earthangel143 Apr 15, 2011
did anyone receive the gift card?? I got the email, confirmed it and all and never received the card! :(
horrorfreakshow Dec 12, 2010
Sorry, certificate numbers cannot be redeemed at this time due to technical issues.

It was funny the dealer i think thought that he had to come up with a gift card, so he gave me some worthless vacation timeshare thing. He seemed very stressed out about it.
smains Dec 08, 2010
WOrked great and so easy!
Singhgurkaran Dec 08, 2010
How long did you have to wait before you get the email regarding the $50 GC. I got a couple of emails from the dealership right away but none from Jeep as of yet.
ragingwookiee Dec 08, 2010
I'm still waiting on mine from Jeep as well.
Singhgurkaran Dec 08, 2010
Yeah I am from North Jersey so not sure if this market is eligible for this offer because I should have gotten an email by now
ragingwookiee Dec 07, 2010
$50 is for a prepaid Mastercard
horrorfreakshow Dec 07, 2010
what happens if you get a quote from another local dealer? can you get more than 1?
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ragingwookiee Dec 07, 2010
Good question - I'm not 100% sure. I would assume this is 1 per household though.
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