Free July 4th Cake Ideas

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What's the matter?
zoneric Jul 04, 2012
I don't think I could ever make a cake to look like that. But it looks amazing :D
psplove Jul 04, 2012
Great freebies. thanks for posting
mnvikings11 Jul 04, 2012
Just bring this to the & watch all the great fireworks.
arsiel Jul 03, 2012
Unfortunately, I read this as "Free July 4th Cakes." You can imagine my dismay once I realized my mistake :(
ancagavs Jul 04, 2012
Yeah, I know, I had the same feeling. Too bad..
blackfoot Jul 03, 2012
Nice holiday entertainment ideas. The cake pictured looks awesome.
ArtemisDeals Jul 03, 2012
so cool! Going to try doing this one for sure :) I havent baked in ages. I hope it turns out
grandma5 Jul 03, 2012
What great ideas for entertaining. Thanks.
vannoykL Jul 03, 2012
hello..everyone! yes it does look hard to do,but it is not it is a cake pan kit
called checkaboard you just put your cake mix in the can add any food colors to your cake mix..before you put them in the checkaboard cake pan:)
branie Jul 03, 2012
Wow, if I made this cake or anything other then store made I would be impressing everyone, lol. Checking this out. Thanks for sharing.
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gangstabarbie Jul 03, 2012
this cake looks so difficult to make. just the color coordination is making my head spin
krmills1 Jul 03, 2012
That's exactly what I was just thinking!! How in the world do they get those color blocks like that??
dvinegrace83 Jul 03, 2012
i'm sure it's possible, but at the end of hte day i'm more concerned with something that TASTES good. i'm happy with a cake with strawberries and blueberries anyway. done done and done! not that i wouldn't be impressed if somebody ELSE decided to make this for our shindig haha =)
ancagavs Jul 04, 2012
Looks very difficult to accomplish. I'd also want a simple cake, that tastes excellent and can take my breath away rather than a multi-colored one :) Goodluck to those who try and do it :)