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Free Large Drink at AMC Theatres - No Purchase Necessary

The best part is that you don't have to purchase a thing to get your free drink.

Normally you get one free refill with the purchase of a large drink, so it's definitely worth trying that, too.
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What's the matter?
mnvikings11 Jul 16, 2012
Great will get this at the midnight showing of Batman.
jpanddanielle Jul 16, 2012
Twitter has this linked as a 4 piece ottoman set for $85, wow
seanvcxz Jul 16, 2012
Gotta love free soda. 90 pluses, huh? Looks like people love this one!
AgentGhost Jul 16, 2012
This will go gr8 with my 'dark knight rises' midnight premiere coming out this thursday! :)
vimalr Jul 16, 2012
Is this a generic coupon? Because based on the URL the coupon is getting redirected shows "Happy Birthday from AMC theatres".
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vimalr Jul 16, 2012
Great coupon. Will use this next time when I go to AMC.
bbattag Jul 16, 2012
Good deal. This costs $4-5 at my AMC I believe. Thanks
deby32953 Jul 16, 2012
I'm thirsty NOW! Pass me one!
Subha83 Jul 16, 2012
Great coupon for a free drink.Thanks for sharing.
THartz606 Jul 16, 2012
Wow great deal considering how expensive everything is at the movies. Thanks for sharing this.
Christine Jul 16, 2012
ooh nice! few drink is greattt esp at the theatres when they're way over priced!!!
psplove Jul 16, 2012
First time for Free Large Drink. Great find
MrBklynW Jul 15, 2012
sweet thanks, nothing like a free large soda=D
ArtemisDeals Jul 15, 2012
Woot! I will have to bring this with me with the free tickets I got from a family member.
boricua1 Jul 15, 2012
Wow this will save like $5 at the theater! Woot! :)
nimrodboy3 Jul 15, 2012
very nice. the amc's around here have the new drink machine too..where it's all digital and you just choose what you want to drink. pretty neat looking feels like you have JARVIS in there or something
rd995 Jul 15, 2012
who doesnt like a free drink and when you go to the theater it pretty expensive thanks for sharing
themoneyman1113 Jul 15, 2012
Free large drink with no purchase required is great, but you know I can't resist the popcorn :) Nice find. Thanks for sharing.
rockinnrolla Jul 15, 2012
SWEET! It costs alot to go to a movie so if you can get a FREE dink that helps! :)
lilywow Jul 15, 2012
Great value coupon. It's worth $5 at my thearer because that's what they charge for a large drink.
s_m1978 Jul 15, 2012
I love it when it's free..who don't? Hehehehe
newjerseychickxo Jul 15, 2012
Great to know that no other purchase is needed. Purchasing popcorn,candy,etc,can get out of hand.thanks for the freebee.
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dealwagger Jul 16, 2012
No kidding! I wonder what their markup is?
gangstabarbie Jul 15, 2012
time to bring this with me to go watch spider man :) plussed
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msvasque Jul 19, 2012
Did anyone read the fine print? It says no photocopies or reproductions. Was this a unique coupon for someone's birthday that has already been claimed? Did this work for you? Let us know please!