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What You Need:
A Twitter account.

Why They Are Free:
At MusicMP3.RU they offer 3 free song downloads daily. (Every 24 hours.) You do not need to create an account with them but you can if you like. You do need a Twitter account. The reason they offer free songs is so that they can promote their website. They are a music purchasing site. You can buy all of their music in either single downloads or full album downloads. They offer tons of genres and artists. They do not offer every song that is out there, but they have a vary wide variety from around the world. The page that this link brings you to is for the Celtic Woman album Believe. Just go to the top right hand corner of the page and search for music you want.

How To Get Your Music:
I have downloaded many songs from this site and they are high quality songs. First you click the play button on the left side of the song title. Listen to the preview to see if it is the right song. The preview will be a low-quality preview but the download is high quality. Second, after you have the song you want, scroll over it. You will see two options pop up on the right side of the song title. Free Download & Buy MP3 track. Select 'Free Download'. Third, a small pop up screen will appear. It will say: Like this track? You can get it for free! Simply post a tweet about it
and start your free download. Their will be a little button at the bottom that says 'Tweet'. Click 'Tweet'. Fourth, a new pop up screen will appear. It will be a Twitter pop up. If you are not already signed in, it will have you sign up. Then you will be taken to the page that says: Share a link with your followers. The post below it will say: Just got "Nocturne" by Celtic Woman's free track for tweet This is how they promote their site. Click the button 'Tweet' that is below the post. Fifth, the page will change and say something like "You Tweet has been posted" etc... That page will close automatically (or should). Then a new small pop up will appear that will say something like this example:
Nocturne by Celtic Woman
Download (1/3)*
*3 songs for free every day
Click the button in the middle that says:
Download (1/3)*
After you click the button it will do either one of two things.
1. Automatically download. It will save in either your music folder, favorites folder, or downloads folder.
2. (This is usually how it works for me when I get songs.) A new pop up will appear that brings you to your documents and files on your computer to 'Save As'. Click on the folder you want your song to go in and then click Save. The download will begin and when it's finished, Ta-Da! You have a free and legal MP3! Enjoy!
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dewgoddess (L1)
Jun 13, 2012
Sorry for the two little spelling errors guys! LOL I try xD

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