FREE LEGO - Replacement Parts

About this Deal

Lost,Missing or Broken Pieces Replaced.
Asks For a set # But if you don't have it you can just add in a description of the set.
What's the matter?

Comments (4)

Acidbaby (L5)
Jul 16, 2012
Thanks for this. I remembered seeing it and my son and I opened a lego city kit tonight and it was missing some stuff.
branie (L5)
Jul 12, 2012
Awesome news, passing this along to all the parents I know who have 10,000 million legos in there home :)
rd995 (L5)
Jul 11, 2012
my son is a lego fan we usually buy legos and build them together sometimes there is missing parts we had order them in the past and they send them really quick
tpark6283 (L5)
Jul 11, 2012
Awesome, my cousin has so many sets he will love this!! Thanks!

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