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What's the matter?
mnvikings11 Jan 31, 2012
About damn time youtube got some free movies
msimulation Jan 30, 2012
The Hunt For Gollum is in there, nice!
glwrks Jan 30, 2012
Thank you, I was unaware. Hopefully the old PC can handle it.
solowkoe Jan 30, 2012
cool find. I also didn't know that they had movies to watch. I will definetly be giving them a peice of my entertainment time. Thanks for the post.
rtanner Jan 30, 2012
Never heard about this interesting stuff here thanks for the post.
newjerseychickxo Jan 30, 2012
Gonna try this deal,Thanks:)
jasoned Jan 30, 2012
Thanks for posting this. There are some pretty good movies here. Now when I'm not looking for deals I've got something else to do.
zoelee Jan 30, 2012
Great they are offering it again! Nice find!
nimase85 Jan 29, 2012
YouTube has had a movie section for years I think since like 2009 or 2010..But it looks like they have much better movies on there now I have not really been on there since it started... Thanks for sharing :)
blackfoot Jan 29, 2012
news to me. some decent movies too. Thanks
helloamy1977 Jan 29, 2012
I second that I knew you could watch movies in parts but never new they had a movie section..great!
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