Free Psychic reading by Tara

What's the matter?

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Luminakisharblaz (L1)
Feb 20, 2011
Yes, she is a scam. I am an actual psychic and I NEVER charge. It is against the gift. I give free readings all the time and I do not accept payment. If you know anyone who is looking for a real reading, I can always be reached through my email at See, no site, no way to ask for payment and no soliciting. That is how you tell the difference between real and scam. Those of us born with the gift of sight know that you do not use it for a career path.
Amber0024 (L1)
Jan 08, 2011
She's a scam artist also going by the names Pasquelina and Sara Freder.
maran001 (L2)
Jan 09, 2011
You are right she is a scam.

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