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What's the matter?
kumslee Mar 09, 2012
It was pretty simple. I've submitted my order. Thanks!
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Greg1026 Mar 01, 2012
•3/1/2012 5:03:37 AM: Status changed to Order Received
•3/1/2012 5:03:37 AM: Status changed to Waiting for Payment
•3/1/2012 5:05:38 AM: Status changed to Order Accepted
Cworld14 Feb 29, 2012
Got em' Thanks
rtanner Feb 29, 2012
Can't go wrong with free
gangstabarbie Feb 29, 2012
If its free, sure why not!
vimalr Feb 29, 2012
Ordered...Will try this...not sure how it works.
ucrual Feb 29, 2012
interesting if it helps with headaches too, as the testimonials said.
aznballa161 Feb 28, 2012
Thanks for this, Not sure if it works so hopefully it'll come in so I can give it a try
blackfoot Feb 28, 2012
Interesting item, Will give it a shot though.
dvinegrace83 Feb 28, 2012
Agreed that this is a weird product, but that's why they're probably giving them for free so we can try for ourselves! lol
nimase85 Feb 28, 2012
Seems interesting I will give it a try
LilRed77 Feb 28, 2012
curious to see if this works, as people snore different ways, nose/mouth, so lets see if it helps.
FibroMom Feb 28, 2012
If this works I will buy several cases of them! 1/2 for my Snoring Hubby and 1/2 for my Snoring Bulldog! ;) Thank you! :)
arsiel Feb 28, 2012
Lol, I don't know why bulldogs have a tendency to snore :p
poe601 Feb 28, 2012
Great find, Easy to fill out. Anything will help!
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branie Feb 28, 2012
Trying it for sure. Hubby snores and drives me crazy..worth a try!!!
tbl13 Feb 28, 2012
Worth a try!!!
munkin2u Feb 28, 2012
Weird, but I'll try it!