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What's the matter?
bluepenguin Apr 09, 2012
Looks like it worked.
dewgoddess Apr 08, 2012
love how this freebie gets TONS of comments lol :) i signed up my brother. lord knows he needs all he can get! haha lol
encorez Apr 08, 2012
now what would I do with this?
arsiel Apr 07, 2012
Fowarding it to all of Rutgers. Because we clearly need free condoms
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mnvikings11 Apr 07, 2012
1 Free condom on the way!
catchersmom Apr 07, 2012
I think this is one freebie that I don't think I will need, but a good one at that
tpark6283 Apr 07, 2012
Very easy to fill and thanks for posting! These always come in handy!
Cworld14 Apr 07, 2012
Easy! Thanks praveensapkota
newjerseychickxo Apr 07, 2012
Shouldn't leave home without.Nice freebie
sweetangelxxo Apr 07, 2012
Perfect freebie!! :)
Brentheriot Apr 07, 2012
A useful freebie. Good to pass along to the teenagers on my street
Dexterous Apr 07, 2012
1+1=3 if you don't wear a condom
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psplove Apr 07, 2012
Great, Thanks for posted! Freebies always welcome..
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akaricke Apr 07, 2012
I am all set now. I just need to find a girlfriend :D
gangstabarbie Apr 07, 2012
Trojan man! Lol all the teenage moms out there could use some of this ... Plussed
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chuckydealpl Apr 07, 2012
very easy form thanks
krmills1 Apr 07, 2012
Anything FREE is great, I will pass this deal on to some friends that use these! :)
themoneyman1113 Apr 07, 2012
Thank you for sharing, I will pass this on to a few of my buddies.
Greg1026 Apr 07, 2012
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