FREE Stability Ball at Sears (Up to $12.99)

1. Click SIGN UP in the upper right.
2. Use promo code: ball
3. Coupon for Free Stability Ball (Up to $12.99) will be emailed to you.
4. Use at Sears as they have options at $12.99 or less.
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What's the matter?
zengxh May 01, 2012
the promo code: "ball" does not work.
ramtexas May 01, 2012
Promo coupon code expired!! let me know if there is a new one!! or if there is something that I missed!!
ancaul May 01, 2012
it keeps telling me the promo code "ball" is not correct. Does anyone know what im doing wrong? i really need this ball!!!
momzdoll May 01, 2012
says coupon code invalid (:
dannalea2 May 01, 2012
Put promo code in box and it says "invalid"
atlanta123 May 01, 2012
when i entered promo code as ball it is saying invalid promo code. please help
ReturninVideoTps May 01, 2012
Yeah, they ran out of printable coupons, unfortunately : /
zaknafein922 Apr 30, 2012
keeps saying promo code invalid :(
klinmaximus Apr 30, 2012
great deal !
arsiel Apr 30, 2012
I just used Firefox instead of Chrome to access the site to register. I kept getting the site was under maintenance message on Chrome but got through on Firefox. It worked. I got my coupon in my email inbox. :)
Thank you :D
prettymom40 Apr 30, 2012
Picked up my BALL today!!!! Super great freebie!!!!! Thanks!!!!!
helloamy1977 Apr 30, 2012
how does this work I looked online and i saw some less than 12.99 or more do they let you get one that costs more and pay the difference. what kind did you get?
nimrodboy3 Apr 30, 2012
awesome find. these are really good for working the core..abs definitely get strengthened and it's a great way to have proper support for your back =).
tnglm003 Apr 30, 2012
Promotion ended, overwhelming response. :(
jlarson328 Apr 30, 2012
boooooo :(

"The response to our Stability Ball promotion has been so overwhelmingly positive that we have exhausted our supply of balls (hehehehehehe). We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for FitStudio!"
tragedy Apr 30, 2012 they took link here's direct link to signup page!
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zappcatt Apr 30, 2012
It let me sign up, but did not show me any coupon or anything...guess i am going to delete my account
ragingwookiee Apr 30, 2012
The coupon is emailed to you.
vimalr Apr 30, 2012
Got my coupon. Last time I never tried this deal. Will have to make it work this time.
mugsisme Apr 30, 2012
Got a coupon, thanks!
maven3 Apr 30, 2012
Cool, I guess it's still working for others!
maven3 Apr 30, 2012
Bummer, it now says that it has been printed the maximum number of times..
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dealwagger Apr 30, 2012
Yep, same here. I guess I should have printed it when I first received my coupon, now shows up as out of prints even when my sister tried w/her facebook & computer.
rhyno Apr 30, 2012
Site got hammered, and is currently down. My guess is the deal gets pulled.
Nice for those who got in!
Gilmaria26 Apr 30, 2012
I know!!! That sucks!
ragingwookiee Apr 30, 2012
Give it another try. Site is back up and it looks to be working at the moment.
rollin2555 Apr 30, 2012
We're sorry for the inconvenience. FitStudio is currently down for maintenance. Stay tuned, we'll be up and running again shortly. Thank you for your patience.
mikhaila Apr 30, 2012
This is great! Wish I lived in the sates though :-/
Gilmaria26 Apr 30, 2012
How do I get the coupon?? I am getting an error message!! Help
tpark6283 Apr 29, 2012
Didn't take too long, and can't wait to get it! Running up that way this week, ThANKS!
nimase85 Apr 29, 2012
I got one of these coupons last time they had this giveaway but I never made it to sears maybe I will make it this time
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TheJammer Apr 29, 2012
My friend did this with the promo they had before. He got the fitness ball no problems. Only thing- there are two types of balls- one is a stiffer one, not available with this discount.
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kumslee Apr 29, 2012
That was easy. I forgot to enter the coupon first coz it's not a mandatory field then I deleted my account and created a new one.
kumslee Apr 29, 2012
In 4 hrs 50 thumbs up. My thumbs up made it 50 :)
themoneyman1113 Apr 29, 2012
I will check back again, this is a great freebie. Thanks for sharing.
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branie Apr 29, 2012
You going to do it or am I? This deal is way to good to pass up? Awesome deal!
branie Apr 29, 2012
Done, very easy to do, now we just have to remember to go to Sears tomorrow. Printing coupon now :)
gangstabarbie Apr 29, 2012
You guys live together?
Florida2Texas Apr 30, 2012
They are married! :)
themoneyman1113 Apr 30, 2012
Florida2Texas is correct. Branie is my wife.
arsiel Apr 30, 2012
Mind = blown.
arsiel Apr 29, 2012
We're sorry for the inconvenience. FitStudio is currently down for maintenance. Stay tuned, we'll be up and running again shortly. Thank you for your patience.
poe601 Apr 29, 2012
Easy to do and printed coupon fine, going to mall tomorrow and getting this! Thanks
Dexterous Apr 29, 2012
Did anyone receive this in store? This is awesome find if it works.
zoneric Apr 29, 2012
these deals are awesome. too bad i can't have one :(
shimisi Apr 29, 2012
Why not? I guess there's no Sears near you?
zoneric Apr 29, 2012
yes. no sears near me :( luck for me for this deal.
Janniesue51 Apr 29, 2012
dealwagger Apr 29, 2012
The coupon says the offer ends 5/5/12 but the coupon itself is redeemable until 5/31/12 while quantities last. Great! I will be in the mall this week, thanks!
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gangstabarbie Apr 29, 2012
Thanks for letting us those dates.. Really helpful .. You rock
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