FREE Stella Artois Chalice

To get a code, either purchase a qualifying product or request one by mail by sending your name, address, and age to:
Stella Artois Custom Engraved Chalice Code Request
P.O. Box 750198
El Paso, TX 88575-0198
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What's the matter?
omegafemale Dec 13, 2012
(nod) got mine yesterday as well but i am sorry to inform everyone that this deal is now dead - it now says "code has been exhausted" AFTER you enter your info :P
helloamy1977 Dec 13, 2012
I got my glass yesterday and I am impressed. Looks very fancy. One of the best freebies I have ever received.
shimisi Nov 23, 2012
Was looking forward to this when I signed up for the personalized one before. Never got mine though :/
vimalr Nov 22, 2012
damn offer not valid in texas :(
seanvcxz Nov 22, 2012
Plussed! Every beer drinker needs to have a beer chalice! These are great.
wlancaster Nov 22, 2012
Just signed up! Hope it shows up!
rockinnrolla Nov 22, 2012
Worked for me! I hope I get one! THANKS!
Russ_08015 Nov 22, 2012
i tried they told me it has expired or already been used
Dealbreaker Nov 22, 2012
"unique code has already been used"
iowahawkeyes Nov 21, 2012
What prettymom40 says kind of makes me skeptical. This would be a crazy freebie to get, and I don't know if it would even come.
ArtemisDeals Nov 21, 2012
wow these are really nice glasses. I use to use them all the time for Stella when i bartended
bbattag Nov 21, 2012
Awesome. Thanks. Hopefully it actually comes.
tahnee_cat Nov 21, 2012
It worked for me! If you do not fill in the required fields then it won't work. These glasses are great - they are very hard to break. I have two already and only cracked one and its still useable now.
Cworld14 Nov 21, 2012
Don't count on it..........I tried twice
branie Nov 21, 2012
My husband did this the last time and we have yet to see it :(
poe601 Nov 21, 2012
Nice Freebie if it comes, got one last month in the mail from another company. Easy to do!
chuckydealpl Nov 21, 2012
yup, nice chalice, hope i get one
prettymom40 Nov 21, 2012
Easy sign up!!! But will be very surprised if any one gets a glass. Did this one 2 times before and never got a thing.
Cworld14 Nov 22, 2012
Agreed, it ain't happening!
helloamy1977 Nov 21, 2012
wow this is a great freebie. such a pretty wine glass and went through with no problems