Free Stuff on Election Day (Tuesday 11/6)

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srideviurs Nov 06, 2012
Americone Dream--select Ben & Jerry's locations to offer up the stuff from 5—8 p.m. today
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rosasaves Nov 06, 2012
if you live in MASS, Upper Crust pizzeria has a BOGO deal on slices with an 'I Voted' sticker
ukaran Nov 06, 2012
My Grand Son usually likes this kind of wristband Thanks I can get one for him FREE
dvinegrace83 Nov 05, 2012
wow! awesome! looks like breakfast, lunch, and dinner are covered then!
Dexterous Nov 05, 2012
thanks for some freebies, nice find
blackfoot Nov 05, 2012
Some nice freebies for just voting, tacos sound good.
abu5692 Nov 05, 2012
Thanks for information about Free Stuff on Election Day.
aznballa161 Nov 05, 2012
nice. tomorrow will be a great day. will be even better with free things
krmills1 Nov 05, 2012
I can't wait until this election is over, I am so sick of all the ads on TV and the Radio! Thanks for the freebies!!
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solowkoe Nov 05, 2012
cool list. I can't wait to go vote tomorrow. i get all excited for it.
cocobe Nov 05, 2012
Happy to find this deal which is useful to me. Thx.
tpark6283 Nov 05, 2012
Nice roundup...wish I had time to get out but I will be working the polls :)
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shimisi Nov 05, 2012
Wow, are you excited? :) Get someone to go get all the freebies and bring them back for you!
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tpark6283 Nov 06, 2012
That's a great idea, yes I'm very excited. It's gonna be a busy day :-)
maven3 Nov 05, 2012
Icing on the cake that is the long awaited end of campaign ads. Hurrah!
EzzyLovesToSave Nov 05, 2012
Great offers!...nothing near me though.
rockinnrolla Nov 05, 2012
I love me some freebies! THANKS A BUNCH!
welshman Nov 05, 2012
so this is why people wait til Tuesday to vote, because they get free stuff.
GUI_Center Nov 05, 2012
You get the sticker even if you vote early :P Maybe not absentee
welshman Nov 05, 2012
I did absentee, we have a lot of amendments and other "stuff" on the ballot and the language used is so archaic I needed the online guide to do it properly!
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YesBoss Nov 05, 2012
I like to have some free coffee from Starbucks .
mnvikings11 Nov 05, 2012
None of these are even in my area, so looks like most of these are on the east coast.
FibroMom Nov 05, 2012
Awesome list - not even "1" of the places around me - but Great for those that do have them! :)
chuckydealpl Nov 05, 2012
nice roundup, thanks for posting this list
poe601 Nov 05, 2012
Great freebies for voting, making my list!
VirginiaPeanuts Nov 05, 2012
And if u live near dc:
hemalaa Nov 05, 2012
I got email for California tortilla about Free Taco.
VirginiaPeanuts Nov 05, 2012
I suppose you don't actually need a " i voted" sticker since those incentives would suggest bribary and is illegal....
VirginiaPeanuts Nov 06, 2012
.....why the thumbs down? It's true. Remember starbucks in 08? They just have to extend the offer to everyone.
ArtemisDeals Nov 05, 2012
awww I wish I had some of these taco joints by me! :) They sure do sound yummy!
DCSuperSaver Nov 05, 2012
I don't see confirmation of free bagels at Einstein Bros.
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calistair Nov 05, 2012
All you need to do is:
1) Vote
2) Get your "I voted" sticker
3) Go to Einstein and show your "I voted" sticker.
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