Free Silver Plated Heart Pendant or Silver Plated Hoop Earrings

9/18 - on again for limited time

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What's the matter?
aznballa161 Sep 17, 2012
very nice looking, can't beat free
sweetangelxxo Sep 17, 2012
Great gift...maybe for myself.. I love hearts
FibroMom Sep 17, 2012
Fingers crossed that I get mine - will make a cute gift for a tween! Thanks for sharing this Awesome Freebie! :)
nimase85 Sep 17, 2012
These are very cheap looking but hey they where free... For some reason I received 3 sets of earrings from them but I gave them to my baby sister.... Her and her 2 best friends wear them all the time...
Dexterous Sep 17, 2012
After more than a month long, i received mine as well
chuckydealpl Sep 17, 2012
most of my friends i sent it just received them.
kimeeb Sep 17, 2012
Just ordered will do just fine for a stocking stuffer for my 7 year old granddaughter. Thank you.
poe601 Sep 17, 2012
Got both earrings and necklace over the weekend. Sweet deal!
fallenkitsune Sep 16, 2012
I got the silver hoop earrings today. Not bad but they break very easily. My nephew got a hold of them and they broke in half :(
litegirl Sep 16, 2012
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shimisi Sep 16, 2012
Jewelry and food have something in common-- they usually look better in pictures :)
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branie Sep 16, 2012
I got the heart pendant Friday. The chain is just awful but the heart is nice and I will do something with it.
arsiel Sep 16, 2012
I got mine a couple of days ago. Got the earrings...blegh. Haha. The pendant could've been better! Oh well (: Worth a shot
pandaKrusher Sep 15, 2012
I got the earrings today! And guess what! They came broken! You may be asking, "Is this guy really complaining about something he got for free?" Yes. Yes I am.
swtluvergirl Sep 15, 2012
i just got my today. i love the Silver Plated Heart Pendant . thanks for the free gife.hope u guys give out more . the wait was forever but it finally came. now i can wear it to my party.
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dealsRaddictive Sep 12, 2012
I haven't recieved mine from August either...
shopange08 Sep 12, 2012
I haven't received mine either from August... Eh at least I didn't lose anything!
ancagavs Sep 12, 2012
free stuff will never compare to the things bought. something's always wrong with the freebies. I mean that people aren't satisfied.
mdgirl Sep 12, 2012
you are so correct.

mine did not last 3 days.
Came on monday and fall apart on Wednesday.
dvinegrace83 Sep 11, 2012
wow...mind boggling that they'd just be giving it for free, but ohhh well! that's awesome for us! haha =D
iowahawkeyes Sep 11, 2012
Hey, I'm down with free. Its not like you played for it you guys so don't complain! Lol
tahiti Sep 11, 2012
Their site is down.
blackfoot Sep 11, 2012
Good deal for free, missed the last one, maybe I'll get it this time.
Florida2Texas Sep 11, 2012
Just ordered mine. Nice freebie....even though i doubt the quality.
tpark6283 Sep 11, 2012
I put my order in, very easy to fill out. What can you expect for free?
psplove Sep 11, 2012
One for one person.
aldeal Sep 11, 2012
im in for 1
vimalr Sep 11, 2012
Mine never arrived from August. Don't know if I can order it again.
arsiel Sep 11, 2012
I just got an email the other day that mine was shipped out. Looks like I can't order it again. Hehe
poe601 Sep 11, 2012
Still waiting for mine from August, maybe we will get it soon!
kirubaa Sep 10, 2012
Hey I got a necklace...
Dexterous Sep 10, 2012
I never received mine either, it was real surprise
chuckydealpl Sep 11, 2012
Just got mine in the mail, ordered back in late August.
Dexterous Sep 11, 2012
They never send me neither they let me to buy again
silent87 Sep 10, 2012
They did send it to u?
chuckydealpl Sep 11, 2012
If you gave a valid email they will notify you when they ship it out. but either way you should get it, just got mine when i ordered back in late August.
fallenkitsune Sep 10, 2012
I got the necklace and it was very cheap and the chain was way too short.
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LilRed77 Sep 13, 2012
i got the earrings, and those look cheap as well. Guess thats what we get for free, LMAO 8-)
LilRed77 Sep 13, 2012
oh yeah.....polished silver plated, that explains it~
silent87 Sep 10, 2012
I never received mine from last time!!
LilRed77 Sep 13, 2012
got mine today...wanted the heart pendant, but got the earrings, which look cheap but oh well.