Free Taco Bell Taco

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What's the matter?
daybreak Feb 10, 2011
i like it. thanks
helloamy1977 Feb 09, 2011
2 prints allowed just hit your back button. Thank you
jagune Feb 09, 2011
"There's a reason. TACO spelled backwards is "O...CAT" - Bill Maher
yougotmarcd Feb 09, 2011
Where's the BEEF?
Wayne_In_Akron Feb 09, 2011
Fairly simple process and VOILA... a coupon good for a free crunchy taco.

What is not to love?
fluffy Feb 09, 2011
I'm disappointed that more and more deals are appearing only for Facebook & Twitter users, neither of which I would ever join.
DAVIDROPER Feb 09, 2011
Sign up here, install this printer app, do this do that. My laptop doesn't need another hoop to jump through. Can't anyone simply send a goddamned coupon and let me print it? Screw this and anyone in TACO Bell who thinks they came up with a good way to make friends.
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armyturtle Feb 10, 2011
I agree. Coupon printers are disgusting unnecessary bloat-ware that will SLLLLOOOOOW down your computer. Just put the stupid coupon up on a page somewhere. I don't need your software garbage for a friggin' free fatty taco.
nstsuri Feb 09, 2011
Thanks, My kids like it
armyturtle Feb 10, 2011
And they're probably obese too.
rubyshoes Feb 09, 2011
Didn't anyone hear the news that the meat isn't even 30 % beef??? isn't that kinda gross?
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TheJammer Feb 09, 2011
Then get beans. I mean they are probably not the best either, but at least they don't have silicon dioxide (beach sand) like the beef does. Thank goodness I'm vegetarian...
horrorfreakshow Feb 09, 2011
why does it have silicon dioxide?
Skylrk525 Feb 09, 2011
This is a deal site, you should post your opinions and evaluations someplace geared to those subjects
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TheJammer Feb 10, 2011
@horrorfreakshow: not sure, maybe it is a part of their beef processing. There just was a huge ordeal about it a few weeks ago as a 3rd party company tested the composition of their beef, and went on to sue (not monetary) Taco Bell over it.
fluffy Feb 11, 2011
@horrorfreakshow: Silicon dioxide is used in the dry seasoning mix to prevent it from caking. There's nothing scary about any of the stuff in Taco Bell food. They're all common food additives found everywhere, including in stuff from the grocery store.
LLJMARKS Feb 09, 2011
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skaro964 Feb 09, 2011
Thanks for the Free lunch. A really Great Deal.
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agamos Feb 09, 2011
Love it!
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Tinimorales Feb 09, 2011
kidkind Feb 09, 2011
Thanks OP
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