Free Tall Starbucks Blonde Roast | Facebook eGift

Works Every day for the First 5000 Until 02/22
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What's the matter?
dddsss Feb 15, 2013
ALIVE AGAIN--if you didn't use last time.
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DealLeader Jan 09, 2013
Is this deal still going? Should it be expired?
egagroupusa Jan 08, 2013
awesome deal.
scaryscample Jan 08, 2013
have to link fb, yuk!
MrBklynW Jan 08, 2013
coo. thanks for sharing
xichigox Jan 07, 2013
Thank you!! I love starbucks!
shimisi Jan 07, 2013
Just worked for me. Glad they haven't ended this. Thanks for the post!
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blackfoot Jan 07, 2013
Great offer, love this coffee, Thanks.
mikhaila Jan 07, 2013
did someone say FREEEE! starbucks is so yummy thanks for sharing.
dvinegrace83 Jan 07, 2013
hmm interesting. haven't tried this before. great time to do that! btw, i hear the lighter the roast, the more caffeine... hmmm..that could be useful!
dddsss Feb 16, 2013
is that true?? i heard it's healthier because less burnt.
dddsss Feb 16, 2013
my mom said she found it to be very strong. i'm decaf only these days.
Bluchen1 Jan 07, 2013
Give it a few hours, they will send you an email to redeem.
krazemom3 Jan 07, 2013
This didn't work for me. No email and nothing on FB.
tpark6283 Jan 07, 2013
It took awhile on my iphone but I finally got thru, I love the blonde roast! My fave of them all!
chuckydealpl Jan 07, 2013
love starbucks

Offer to be redeemed through eGift. Value of eGift equivalent to one tall cup of brewed [Starbucks ® Blonde Roast] coffee valued up to $2.60.
mdgirl Jan 07, 2013
I will miss this because i no not have facebook.
dddsss Feb 16, 2013
it's still on--read above. easy to make account just for deals. [i wouldn't downvote for your comment]
jkbane Jan 07, 2013
great freebie
branie Jan 07, 2013
Nice freebie, thanks for sharing. I will do the same :)
Florida2Texas Jan 07, 2013
Thanks for the delicious free coffee offer. Just shared it with all my facebook friends as well.
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poe601 Jan 07, 2013
Great deal also get $1 off on Starbucks packaged coffee and K-Cups .
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itran168 Jan 07, 2013
Mine doesn't work when I log in Facebook. It just keeps on running but never open up the page for this free offer.
prishsmith Jan 07, 2013
Me too.
helloamy1977 Jan 07, 2013
did this come to your email
dddsss Feb 16, 2013
no, friend sent me [i didn't down vote this].
rd995 Jan 07, 2013
hope im not late for this thanks for sharing
s_m1978 Jan 07, 2013
We can get any thing as we are getting egiftcard...print or show on your phone
DCSuperSaver Jan 07, 2013
Wake up and smell the freebie! Thanks. :)
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saramor Jan 07, 2013
Do u have any idea when this gift card going to expire because i dont have star bucks near me when i go near by town for shopping wanted to use by then. Thanks in advance.
dddsss Jan 07, 2013
guess you can get any drink w/this. anyone try this roast?
YesBoss Jan 07, 2013
Nice Find, Free Starbucks Coffee. Thanks For Sharing .
ukaran Jan 07, 2013
Free Starbucks Blond Roast. Nice Deal
dddsss Jan 07, 2013
print coupon or add $2.60 value to your starbucks card
vimalr Jan 07, 2013
Free Starbucks eGift coupon good for a Tall Blonde Roast or Vanilla Blonde Brewed Coffee at a participating Starbucks