$10 From Fraley v. Facebook, Inc.Settlement


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You may have received an email over the weekend talking about Facebook's class action lawsuit. It says that you could be entitled to a settlement from a ruling against Facebook. It then tells you to go to another site to claim your reward.
The lawsuit in question has to do with a California lawsuit involving Sponsored Stories. These make it seem like you've liked something recently to serve ads to all of your friends. You can stop it from happening using these easy-to-follow steps.

However, a judge has ruled that Facebook actually has to pay people for this abuse of privacy.
Though the email says your settlement could be worth as much as $10, it could be less depending on demand. It could drop to just a few cents. Some value Facebook puts on your
Scroll down to where it says "Submit a Claim Form." Click it and you'll be taking to a form you can fill out.

The form asks for your name, address, email and Facebook profile information. The email you submit doesn't have to be the email you use for Facebook.

If you want the money directly deposited into your account, you can give the form your bank information. Again, I promise it's 100 percent secure! If not, you can ask for a check to be mailed to you.

The amount of people who submit claims will dictate how much Facebook pays out to each individual person. If you file a claim, you eliminate the possibility of you filing your own lawsuit against Facebook.
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