Free 10GB Box Account + #BoxSync on Your iPhone or iPad

10GB for life, will be activated within 48 hours.
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What's the matter?
wdjdac Sep 27, 2012
Free 10GB are always useful, thanks for sharing.
hemalaa Sep 27, 2012
These are good for storing your photos/files and taking backups.
ReturninVideoTps Sep 27, 2012
Nice, signed up the ladt time they offered this, and it's been really handy
zoneric Sep 27, 2012
10GB for life, that's an excellent deal.
ancagavs Sep 27, 2012
not bad at all, if you think about it. nice find.
MrBklynW Sep 27, 2012
not too bad. thanks for sharing
munna007 Sep 26, 2012
Cool App. 10 gigs is a lot, icloud only gives you 5gb free, if you go over that, you have to pay more. Great Find :-))
rd995 Sep 26, 2012
when the app first came out they were giving 50gb then they lower it to 5gb now 10gb still good because its free
MdavidK30 Sep 26, 2012
Can you explain the part for life? Does that mean 10 free gig every month?
magik Sep 27, 2012
No, it's 10GBs for your account, one time, available for life
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poe601 Sep 26, 2012
Great find, easy to sign up and get the extra storage.
grabbags Sep 26, 2012
isn't it used to be 50gb?
magik Sep 27, 2012
Yes, I got in on that 50GB for free/for life promo they had a while back. This one is small potatoes :)
indracer Sep 26, 2012
Great find! I just signed up.
aznballa161 Sep 26, 2012
nice, 10 free gigs for the iphone. that's a lot of free space
branie Sep 26, 2012
Awesome, awesome. Thanks for sharing. I will do the same :)
chuckydealpl Sep 26, 2012
Thanks for posting.
arsiel Sep 26, 2012
Cool, thanks! I was wondering if this was only for a month but it looks like it's good for life :D

Remember, the 10GB account and Box Sync are yours for life, so you’ll never have to worry about your content being out of reach ever again.
arsiel Sep 26, 2012
More good news: the "box" app is free at the app store (:

Just downloaded it, signed up, clicked on the email confirmation and voila, got 10 GB of free cloud storage :D
chuckydealpl Sep 26, 2012
Yup, I was a quick signup and setup.